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Aug 17, 2011


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New Zealand

te ture whenua maori land act 1993

Yeah eating Whitey put them off for good!  (May 13, 2013 | post #4)

New Zealand

te ture whenua maori land act 1993

We all know that there is no way they can take our mana whenua no matter what law they put to it or what title they claim it under. This is National arse kissing, the Party that has not only screwed our people over but all New Zealanders. Dumbarses keep voting for them and expecting to be heard when it is clear the Government only has its' own agenda. Dumb right right wingers!  (May 13, 2013 | post #3)

New Zealand

Disgraced MP warns of "utu" lol

Wow a wannabe Maori. I don't blame him. Hey PC I think Pagayha is more relevant aye.  (May 13, 2013 | post #14)

New Zealand

Who's better Samoans,Tongans or Maoris

Ok the better people are those who achieve as individuals and representting their people in a positive light. Those who don't go around saying we're better than those people. In other words no one who has posted in this thread.  (May 13, 2013 | post #2698)

New Zealand

Name change for North and South Islands

We should change your name too Korero Teka without your consultatiom whilr we're at it. Your thoughts don't matter do they?  (May 13, 2013 | post #3)

New Zealand

Aaron lawernce sentenced 2day 13yrs on 65 sex offences in...

Oh yeah that makes it better doesn't it? 65 five sex charges is 65 charges no matter how you try to justify them, or rationalise them and 100% Honkey. According to the article which this thread relates to, Aaron Laurence is regarded as the worst offender. He not only raped girls but boys as well, then went around bragging about it for decades. Sounds like you're in denial FTP.  (May 13, 2013 | post #36)

New Zealand

Aaron lawernce sentenced 2day 13yrs on 65 sex offences in...

So if they got caught before they were able to commit anymore offences, and a Pakeha like Aaron Laurence gets away with 65 sex offences without getting caught, doesn't it stand to reason that it is in fact Pakeha who get away with a lot of criminal activity before they are actually caught? Only going by what you say and your facts which contradict your weak argument. I as a Maori male have never hidden any paedophile or child molesterer, nor do I have any family members who engage in such activity. If I did then I would definitely report them. Yes our people are over represented in the crime stats, but some of the worst criminals in NZ history are in fact Pakeha. Take Terry Clarke (aka Mr Big) and Martin Johnson (aka Mr Asia). How many millions did they rip off, and how many people did they kill in Oz and the rest of the World? In fact they ruled the underbelly in Oz for many years. There was Stephen Gray who went around randomly shooting at residents of Aramoana killing 13 people. How bout the Bain case where (apparently) the father had shot dead his whole family - bar one - including himself. How bout you face the fact that every race that has fallen victim to British rule have been oppressed evident in the over representation of crime and other statistics. It is not unique to just Maori. What are the Pakeha crooks' reasons for being crooks? Like I said previously, Pakeha have the potential tendency to cover things up where family are involved with crime, or they try to claim that the crook is not related to them.  (May 13, 2013 | post #34)

New Zealand

sentencing date set for another horrific white paedophile

Ok now you're putting words in my mouth, I didnt say you were incorrect but hell yeah you are irrational. Like I said beneficiaries still feed taxpayers' money back into the NZ economy, offshore investors take the money offshore. Sure they may provide jobs but it is a token gesture or else they wouldn't do it if they weren't making a hefty profit. Billions and billions of dollars from Kiwi assets going offshore in a matter of months, how do beneficiaries of any race in NZ match that. And no, where beneficiaries are concerned it hasn't been billions of dollars over the years you drama queen, unless you're talking over 60years of reciprocated taxpayers' money. You do seem to talk about Maori beneficiaries draiming taxes like it's the only thing that matters regarding our economy. If you maybe get a handle on the bigger issues then maybe you'll see the grand scale tax as opposed to the relative drop in the bucket you keep going on about. Of course it would be better if everyone had a job but that's a big ask. Ok let me attempt to dumb down my last point for you. Not enough cops in NZ, who do we bring over to fill those positions? Not enoough tradespeople to rebuild Christchurch, not enough nurses in NZ, not enough of the other people with qualifications, because they owe a huge debt - billions in fact - which they know they won't pay back so they jump the ditch and become rich and - over there - debt free. What are we left with? Nurses migrating from Asia, British bobbies and tradesman, South African Cops and tradesman, I know because I worked with a whole lot of mostly South African tradies in Auckland. Meanwhile the unemployed are still unemployed, unqualified because education isn't worth the debt or trouble, free education and real apprenticeships nonexistent, people won't hire without any experience even if you do have a degree. For me basic skills are those which can be taught and, in some cases taught on the job. Now they want people who already know everything even when the job is a very specialised position. I'm not blaming immigrants, I'm blaming the situation in which governments put us in which lead us to have to import skilled professionals from overseas.  (May 9, 2013 | post #55)

New Zealand

Aaron lawernce sentenced 2day 13yrs on 65 sex offences in...

Did any one of them commit more than 65 rapes, or is it because Aaron Lawrence was a good loveable rapist?  (May 9, 2013 | post #21)

New Zealand

Breaking News: White Paedophile jailed indefinitely

I'm sure there are a few white offenders who go unreported too. Take the Catholic priests for example. Molestation in a family goes unreported regardless of the ethnic background. Povert plays a large part when it comes to Maori offenders. I don't know what the problem is with white offenders.  (May 9, 2013 | post #12)

New Zealand

Maori boy named best player for West Ham

They've had a few Maori captains haven't they? Wynton Rufer and Rory Fallon i think were others.  (May 9, 2013 | post #2)

New Zealand

White male has been jailed for molestering underage girls

I disagree. Where Gutsfull is concerned the hat-trick is a sole effort.  (May 9, 2013 | post #13)

New Zealand

Breaking News: White Paedophile jailed indefinitely

One white paedophile up on 60 charges Torque. When they commit, they commit on a grand scale aye. Mass paedopilia, mass killing, not one or two but multiple. How Horrible. Again the stats don't lie but they don't tell the whole truth either.  (May 9, 2013 | post #9)

New Zealand

How to Get Rid of the Maori's living next door?

Blah blah blah repeat repeat repeat. Nothing new in years gone and nothing in years to come. BOOOOORING! Surpise us idiot, say something new for a change. Broken old patero record!  (May 9, 2013 | post #488)







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