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Sep 10, 2012

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One Shot auditions

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted ive been getting ready for this summer camp im going to and its three weeks long! So I'll probably post the one shots the 6-8 of July! (: Hope you guys aren't mad!!  (Jun 15, 2013 | post #12)

"Lucky Numbers" for Jessie

Ahh! thanks you guys! (:  (Jun 11, 2013 | post #5)

One Shot auditions

Lokk up "Lucky Numbers" For Jessie (:  (Jun 10, 2013 | post #11)

"Lucky Numbers" for Jessie

"Lucky Numbers" Part 2 I put my purse strap over my shoulder and begin walking up to the counter. I hand the little, old Asian lady my receipt and she rips it up. “Don’t worry about it, it’s on me.” She says with a big smile. “Thank you,” I say while walking out the door. I was walking to my car when I heard my iPhone beep. I pulled my phone out of my purse and see who texted me. It was my little sister, she heard what happened between me and Ryan last night. I slid the lock button and types in my pass code. The text read ‘ OMG I heard about you and Ryan! What happened?!’ I was about to text her back when I bumped hard into someone. Like literally bull dozed! I opened my eyes and I was staring right into these big, gorgeous blue eyes. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” I said once I finally found my voice. “No, it’s fine. I wasn’t paying attention either.” He said. His Irish accent made me get butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't even look away from those eyes. He had to think I was crazy for just staring at him! I didn't feel that crazy though because he was staring right back into mine. I finally broke away from the stare and looked at my shoes. Why was he still just standing there? I mean I didn't mind, but it was a little awkward. I was having another mental conflict on whether or not I should say anything else or just walk to my car. “I’m Jessie,” I blurt out awkwardly. “I’m Niall,” He says grinning. Gahh that accent! “I’m guessing you've already eaten?” He asked I could tell he wanted to get to know me! I felt bad that I had already eaten. My mind was telling me “ Go with the amazingly cute Irish dude” but my stomach was telling me, “ Don’t you dare go in there and try and eat any more! Do you want to hurl on the amazingly cute Irish dude?” I decided to listen to my stomach ,” Yeah, I’ve already eaten. I was just heading to my car. Sorry..” “It’s fine.” He says looking at the ground. I cant believe I just turned him down! “Maybe I can give you my number and we meet up somewhere sometime?” He said with his head turned to the side. I thought my heart was about to explode! “Yeah, that sounds good!” I say probably too excitingly. “Do you have something I can write it on,” he asked. I look frantically through my purse for a piece of paper and pen. Finally I found a raffle ticket that I bought from someone who knows how long ago! I hand it to him with a pen. I watch him as he writes his number down. I can’t believe I'm falling in love with someone in a Chinese restaurant parking lot! He finishes writing his number and folds up the paper. He hands it to me, and I put it in my pocket. “Bye,” he says walking away. “Bye,” I reply. I get into my car and drive back to my apartment felling happy and depressed at the same time. I walk up the apartment stairs and to my door. I unlock the door and just plop onto my bed. When I woke up it was dark. I looked to see what time it was on my phone, 2:00am. I walk to the kitchen and turn on the light. I squint and blink frantically as my eyes adjusted to the blinding light. I decided to put Niall’s number in my phone. I pull out a piece of paper in my pocket, it was the fortune cookie paper. I lay it on the counter and reach back into my pocket for the number. I pulled it out and unfolded it. It was his number with a heart at the end. “Yup, I’m in love,” I say out loud. I lay it down on the counter to pull up my contacts on my phone. I look back at the number. It looks familiar. I look at the fortune cookie paper again. I cant believe it! The lucky numbers and Niall’s phone number were the same! I was laughing and confused at the same time. I knew it was fate when I saw that those numbers were the same! I flipped over the paper and I read the fortune again ‘ A pleasant surprise is in store for you.' “And that, children is how I first met your father” Hope you liked it!  (Jun 10, 2013 | post #2)

"Lucky Numbers" for Jessie

“Lucky Numbers” Part 1 “Would you like that to go?” said the little, old Asian lady behind the counter. “No, I’ll eat here.” I replied. “ Ok, table for one?” she asked me with a confused look. “Umm, yes please,” I replied with also a confused look. “Ahh, your too pretty to be eating alone!” She said waving her finger at me. “Thanks,” I said while laughing. She waved over an employee to seat me. As I was walking I looked at all the Chinese food on the buffet. “Well, it’s a good thing I’m wearing my buffet jeans!” I thought to myself. I sat down at a table for two. I stared at the empty chair and let out a sigh. “What would you like to drink ma’am?” The young, Asian waiter asked. “Oh, um..” I started having a mental conflict between getting a soda or water..”Water!” I shouted. He looked around at all the people looking at my table for that outburst. “Sorry..”I say embarrassingly. “Ok, so one water?”He asked as if he was annoyed. I nod my head. “Will be right out.” He says while walking away. I put my purse on the back rest of my chair and stand up. I walk over to the plates and just stand there, trying to figure out where to even start! I decide I’ll start at the noodles and work my way down. After I’ve ran out of room on my plate I walked in shame back to my seat. My water was already sitting at the table. Right before I dig in I feel like someone is staring at me. I look to my right and sure enough an elderly couple was looking at me with shock and disgust. They act like they’ve never seen a girl eat her feelings before! I put my fork down and just stare at my water. I watch the sweat of the water roll down the glass cup and drip onto the table. I shake myself out of an oncoming day dream and grab the lemon that was sticking on the top of the cup. I pick it up and pinch the ends together, as the lemon juice and pieces of pulp drop into my water. I then popped it in my mouth and smiled a lemon smile. Then the smile dropped. That’s what we used to do when we came here together… We as in my ex-boyfriend who had just broken up with me last night. I felt the tears coming so I grab my straw and start stirring the lemon water. “I should’ve gotten the soda,” I say to myself. Finally, I grab my fork and start swirling the mountain of noodles on my plate. After I slurped the last noodle, and licked clean every last piece of teriyaki chicken, I decided it was time to go. The waiter noticed I was done and gave me my receipt. On top of the receipt was a fortune cookie. I wasn’t really into luck, but I opened it just for the fun of it. It read ‘A pleasant surprise is in store for you’ I laugh and turn over the fortune paper and look at the lucky numbers. I fold the paper and put it in my pocket.  (Jun 10, 2013 | post #1)

One Shot auditions

Ok then what I'll do is write the one shots and I'll let you know when they're finished and I'll tell you what to look up. I'm already done with the Niall one shot. So I'll tell you what to look up when I post it! Oh and I hope who guys dont mind but they aren't going to be famous. I probably should'v e mentioned that in the beginning. Liam is going to be the only one who is famous. I mean they will still be as cute just not famous lol!  (Jun 10, 2013 | post #10)

I Just Wanna Run fanfic auditions :) ~Chelsea

Thanks!!!  (Jun 9, 2013 | post #10)

One Shot auditions

Ok guys I've figured something out! Instead of picking five girls how about I write the same one shot but just add your name in it? So then everyone who auditions would get a chance to have one written about them. Would you guys like that instead?  (Jun 9, 2013 | post #7)

Not The Trip I Pictured~ by Horan_Caitlyn

Thanks!  (Jun 9, 2013 | post #204)

I Just Wanna Run fanfic auditions :) ~Chelsea

Harry's gf Name: Caitlyn Hair: Light blonde, long , straight Eyes: Electric Blue Other: Long thick eyelashes, tan, skinny, average height Personality: Bubbly, flirty, a little mix of everyhing lol :P Hope I get the part!  (Jun 7, 2013 | post #2)

One Shot auditions

Hey guys! Ok, I started writing a fanfic, but I never finshed it. I figured it was just too hard to keep up with instead I've decided that i'm going to write One shots instead. If you dont know what a one shot is it's just a one chapter story. I'm going to write a one shot for each boy so all you have to do is audition for the boy you want. I'll pick randomly so if you commented first and the person below you got the part that's why lol! Anyways !!PLEASE AUDITION!!  (Jun 7, 2013 | post #1)

Parts for a fanfic

Please Harry's gf! Name:Caitlyn! Hair: Light blonde, long, straight Eyes: Electric Blue Age: 14, but if I get picked you can use whatever Other: Thick long eyelashes, tan, skinny, Personality: Funny, bubbly, flirty,.. a little bit of everything lol :P Hope I get the part!  (Jun 7, 2013 | post #2)

Not The Trip I Pictured~ by Horan_Caitlyn

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't posted! I've really just given up on writing ever since my mom died. I'm so sorry guys!  (Jun 7, 2013 | post #202)

Not The Trip I Pictured~ by Horan_Caitlyn

Ok guys I just remembered I have to finish writing it! So sorry! I promise that I'll post it when I get back from school tomorrow!  (Feb 18, 2013 | post #198)

Not The Trip I Pictured~ by Horan_Caitlyn

Hey guys so sorry! Im about to post it!  (Feb 18, 2013 | post #197)

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