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Oct 9, 2012

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Prolene Mesh = Auto-Immune Diseases

Well someone had to do it...My name is Hope Pagano for those of you who do not know me. I had the TVT Gynecare Mesh procedure done in May of 2011. By June of that same year I got the flu and couldn't get rid of it. Like any average person I would get a cold or flu but once in a while but this time was different. I would run fevers which was very rare as my temperature had always run subnormal at 97.8 degrees. Rapidly over the following 6 months my health began to rapidity decline although I must say my incontinence was 95% cured, I felt horrible. My other symptoms came on like gang busters and within a year I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, and auto-immune disease that usually takes years to diagnose. I was having many of the symptoms the other women have described under the Topix, "lawsuit filed Gynecare TVT bladder suspension tape (Prolene Mesh)", and was able to gather information there that I believed saved my life. Although the site is and continues to be extremely informative, and a source of me support to Mesh victims from all walks of life, the fact remains, If you read the Complaint filed against the "Johnson & Johnson Gynecare Lawsuits" you will notice it does not include biochemical adverse reactions to the Mesh itself. Many of the auto-immune diseases normally healthy people like me developed after having the Prolene Mesh implanted in our bodies are incurable and can become lethal in some cases. I am starting this sight not to take away from the original site, but to develop a source of information and support for those people who like me are suffering from these silent killers, known as auto-Immune diseases. It is my sincere hope (no pun intended) that by gathering enough people like me and information supporting the connection between the Prolene Mesh and Auto-Immune we together can be heard and hopefully stop this Toxic madness. I invite all who are interested in supporting this specific "Topix" of Prolene Mesh = Auto-Immune disease to join my plight to prove what I already know to be true. The Mesh is toxic and can cause life threatening diseases to develop in otherwise healthy people. The only rules I hope to invoke are these: 1) We stay on Topic, which is proving the connection between the Prolene Mesh and the development of auto-immune disease. 2) That we put this principles above personalities in hope's of raising awareness and gathering indisputable evidence of the connection between Prolene Mesh and the Development of Auto-Immune disease. 3) Lastly, that no one person is greater than the group. This site is designed to help get the Mesh off the market once and for all and that self promotion or self serving ulterior motives will not be tolerated. That is it folks. As far as I am concerned the more people who take an interest in this subject the better. Researcher, Doctors, Lawyers, Lawmakers and most importantly Suffers are welcome and encouraged to join me and help make a difference in uncovering the dirty little (big) secret that PROLENE MESH ='s AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES. Thank you all in advance for your support and input. May God Bless this site and all whom visit it, Hope  (Dec 20, 2012 | post #1)

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