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Jul 4, 2007

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Arcade, NY

Family tries to explain death of baby in car

dear just another mom: i am not trying to "demean" the mother, but try being detained at a clinic for nearly nine hours with two toddlers (never been accused of any type of neglect or abuse) and then fight cps for 12 long years to get your children back (to no avail; all the while still never being charged with anything)because your parental rights was unjustifiedly terminated (and i'm not the only one this has happeded to)and then you have something like this happen and the mom is not held accountable for her actions; so what do you say to us (hundreds or thousands of parents) who have been falsesly accused and unfairly "convicted " of "abusing " or "neglecting " our children to the point of losing them to the cps system while this mother gets off "scot-free " because it was ruled as an "tragic accident"  (Aug 13, 2007 | post #4)

Arcade, NY

Infant left in car dies in Wyoming County

i am outraged that the mother will not be charged with the death of her child; it may have been a tragedy, but a preventable one. what was she thinking? if it was anybody else cps would have came in and the woman would have been "up under the jail"!!!!! what gives??? it seems that these "accidents " have been happing alot lately at the expense of innocent children; while the parents go scot free---correcrt me if i'm wrong, but isn't what happened considered "child abuse"??????? ??????  (Aug 13, 2007 | post #1)

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buffalo, ny


east side

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matin luther king, jr. park

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true bethel baptist church (pastor darius g. pridgen)

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i'm doing missionary work

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i'm a missionary & love spreading the word of GOD

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tonex (not 902106)

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the BIBLE,my husband, my children,my t-shirt ministry, sudoku, computers, reading, and writing poetry

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how to allow GOD to use me the more in helping to make this a safer world to live in and how to be more of an assistance to someone in need

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GOD, that JESUS CHRIST died on the cross for yours and my sins so that whosoever believes on HIM should not perish but have everlasting life; and I believe that everyone is entitled to be able to express who he/she is without judgement or condemnation because ALMIGHTY GOD only has the power to judge and to condemn