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Apr 4, 2008

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To All of you who knew and loved mr.Tim Russert, Im still in shock as most are.I woke up from a nap and turned my tv on and I heard the sad news about TIM.Im so sorry for all of you we are morning with you too.You know I never could understand politics very much it was all so confusing and we didnt know what to beleive but I have been watching Tim and the way he would report and explain things I know what it is all about and that is because of Tim and everyone of you!He stood out among all and he always will.My heart is breaking for all of you and his family Im so sorry!!!!!I will miss his big smile and his jokes and laughing with everyone.He alway's respected whom ever he had on his show and he knew how to do his job so well as you all know!I Thankyou Mr.Tim Russert for all your knowledge that you sharred with all of us and you truely are a gem that we will miss so much!It will be difficult on sunday not to see him on meet the press .Again to you all who loved and knew him personally he would want you all to celebrate his life and iv said it before he is in heaven still being a awsome leader getting everyone's story and will still report them only in a differant way and he has that big smile on his face that we will never forget and he would tell you all, he loves you and loves all people and life its self!MY PRAYERS AND THOUGHT'S ARE WITH ALL OF YOU AND HIS WIFE AND HIS SON!We love and will miss him dearly too!God Bless you All!Be safe and stay close to eachother thats what tim would want his whole family to be together alway's!!Rest in peice my friend and my teacher of politics that at 1 time never understood till I learned from you!THANKYOU !I would have been honored to have met such a wonderfull man as he!!!!!!!!!!![hope for all 06]xoxoxoxoxoxoxox oxoxoxox  (Jun 14, 2008 | post #34)