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Mar 10, 2013

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China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns as Eco...

http://wallinside. com/post-4136468-c hina-pivots-toward -social-environmen tal-conce-s-as-eco nomy-cools-livejou -al.html the haney group prcode 85258080733, China Pivots Toward Social, Environmental Concerns as Economy Cools China’s President Xi Jinping said officials shouldn’t be judged solely on their record in boosting gross domestic product, the latest signal that policy makers are prepared to tolerate slower economic expansion. The Communist Party should instead place more importance on achievements in improving people’s livelihood, social development and environmental quality when evaluating the performance of officials, the Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday, citing Xi at a meeting on personnel management on the eve of the 92nd anniversary of the party’s founding. Xi’s comments follow remarks he made last month that China won’t sacrifice the environment to ensure short-term growth, and take place as the world’s second-largest economy undergoes its worst cash crunch in at least a decade as the government seeks to wring speculative lending out of the banking system. “Xi is further legitimizing the case for slower growth,” said Andy Mantel, chief executive of Pacific Sun Advisors, an asset manager in Hong Kong that invests in Chinese stocks. Read and watch: .com/watch?v=40m8O b3zxFY http://www.socialb ser/honeybliff70/  (Jul 1, 2013 | post #1)

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The Haney Group: Is 'Defensive Engineering' Next? – PTC

Source link’: http://communities c-5085526/blog/201 3/06/14/allvoices- the-haney-group-is -defensive-enginee ring-next The haney group, With an out of control regulatory environment in Washington, we expect doctors to practice defensive medicine. Is defensive engineering next? What happens when OSHA regulators disagree with state fire marshals? We now have an example of Obama-engineering to consider. One company in Illinois has been told by an OSHA inspector to install an emergency pressure relieving device on a water tank to handle the admittedly rare but ominous "fire case." The Illinois State Fire Marshal told the same company not to bother. So who should prevail in this case of dueling regulators? You decide. The state relies upon the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. That code differentiates between fired pressure vessels, such as boilers and water heaters, and unfired pressure vessels. It requires pressure relieving devices such as relief valves or rupture discs in cases where there exist scenarios where there is a reasonable chance that a pressure excursion will occur due to some defined source. The ASME was founded in 1880 by engineers in response to a rash of fatal boiler explosions. Water in a closed pressure vessel that is subjected to a heat source can eventually heat up to the boiling point and begin to vaporize into steam. As the amount of steam increases, so does the pressure. Too much pressure can lead to an explosion due to the vessel walls failing under the stress. These scenarios are known as "cases" and are evaluated for the purposes of sizing any relief devices. A "fire case" is one where there is an external source of heat due to a fire surrounding the vessel. Normally, fire cases are developed only for vessels containing flammable liquids. Fires can radiate huge amounts of energy onto the walls of the vessel, thereby heating its contents. If, for example, a pipe used to fill the tank with gasoline developed a leak and the resultant pool of gasoline was ignited, one can easily see why it makes sense to have an emergency relief vent to prevent the tank from exploding and spreading flaming gas everywhere around it. But why would one do the same for a simple tank containing only water? The fire marshal, having practical experience in fighting real fires, is unconcerned. He understands such basics as the "fire triangle", where to have a fire you need three things, fuel, oxygen and a source of ignition. You can't have a fire without fuel. Without a fire to provide the heat source, the threat of a water storage tank explosion is negligible. The wet-behind-the-ear s OSHA safety inspector has federal government regulations to use to threaten plant managers with fines to get his way. As a plant manager, would you buckle under the threats and install a "Potemkin village" emergency vent to get the OSHA inspector to go away? Would you practice defensive engineering? Or would you embarrass the Federal Government by exposing the idiocy of its safety inspectors? Fortunately, for the plant manager, he asked someone on the outside with a public platform on the American Thinker for advice. As a service to plant managers everywhere, let me offer a solution. the haney group Read more articles: http://thehaneygro upnewsblog.quora.c om/ http://forums.fine -fence/general-gar dening/haney-group -article-code85258 080733thg-consumer -rights-we-all-nee d-good  (Jun 14, 2013 | post #1) Receives 2013 Tax & Accounting Innovatio...

http://www.slidesh confirmationcom-re ceives-2013-tax-ac counting-innovatio n-award-honorable- mentionknowhow the haney group article code 85230150609THG, tax ad accounting fraud watch BRENTWOOD, Tenn., June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- At the 2013 Tax & Accounting Innovation Awards ceremony,, the creator and world's leading provider of secure audit confirmation services, received an honorable mention for its new AR/AP Confirmation service. Up until now, auditors created accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP) confirmation requests using some type of mail merge functionality and sent those out to responding entities by mail, email or some other delivery method with little or no ability to track responses or monitor for fraud. The AR/AP Confirmation service, the first of its kind, allows auditors to use one online tool to send and receive both electronic and mailed audit confirmations. "This new service allows auditors to send AR/AP confirmations to more than 1,000 validated companies, and a majority of these are Fortune 1,000 companies," said Clark Hudgins, vice president of "The biggest time-saving feature is the ability to easily upload thousands of company addresses and invoice data from a spreadsheet. Our service then identifies which of the companies are validated responders in our system and allows the auditor to send audit confirmations electronically to the responding entities. Additionally, companies that are not validated in our system, the auditor can use our Out-of-Network service to send requests electronically or mail them using our Paper Fulfillment service." Read and watch: http://pualanina.s http://www.slidese he-haney-group-new s-blog-articles http://syosset.pat uncements/p/the-ha ney-group-study-re port-articles-the- rights-and-wrongs- of-belo-monte  (Jun 7, 2013 | post #1)

Tumblr: the haney group, article code 85230150609THG

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The Haney group reviews,Bravesites

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