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Dec 1, 2011

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Plymouth, IN

Gay Marriage - Plymouth, IN

No two men or two women can't have biological children but how many worthless parents out there give their children up? How any children r given to the states each day? How any men donate sperm, How many women donate their uterus, How many men and women have children from past relationship tht failed for wht ever reason and find tht they weren't truly happy cuz they had bn living their lives "straight " for society not for themselves? Just because the children aren't biological doesn't mean they aren't their children of two men or two women!! whose gonna teach boys to b manly in a two mother family or girls to be fem in a two daddy family... who taught u to b manly or fem? Im pretty sure tht u r an individual and learn on ur own but ya know ur the kids lifestyle will b reflected by the two mommies, the two daddies, family, friends, teachers, coworkers, society!!! Who teaches the girls and boys of broken families?? The Bible has many interpretation and who is to say which is the right one? Who is to say the English version is wht the Hebrew writing meant?? God made All!! Adam, Eve, Steve, Earl, Jim, Joe, Pam, Melissa, Elise, u and me!!! no one tried stopping two ppl tht love each other from different coltures from marrying y is it such an issue for two of same gender?  (Apr 10, 2012 | post #34)

Jasper, IN

Gay Marriage - Jasper, IN

God made ALL! HE does not judge until the end. Y does everyone seem to judge the things they dont agree with or just dont understand? The interpretation of the Bible is different among each religion so why do ppl assume their version is the correct onext or even three when written in Hebrew tht the English interpretation is wht they were writing? I have two boys tht absolutely love my soon to be wife and just because we are two women doesn't mean we can't have a family, express our honesty, devotion, trust, and love for each other!! I didn't choose to be gay, have less rights, more stereotypes, higher suicide rate, more bullying, or to b looked down at, and sure would not have chosen a lifestyle where our boys wI'll go through some of the same things!! Gay marriage doesn't hurt anyone, will not make churches weak, won't condem ppl to He'll, or even spread . Gays are not contagious!!  (Apr 10, 2012 | post #5)