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Nov 7, 2012

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Bellevue, KY

Do we need new and upstanding members of our local BYF fo...

I believe Tally to be speaking of Shari Mangold,Rick bucklers "Newone"  (Nov 17, 2012 | post #3)

Dayton, KY

The Kilgore's (Steve)

Funny thing Steve has his hands in a lot of dirty dealings and never gets busted,isn't that odd? His own kids sell drugs right from his house and its public knowledge,but they don't get busted. That family is synonymous with the lowest of the low. Now there are some who bear the name who are not "steves clan"  (Nov 13, 2012 | post #8)

Bellevue, KY

Herion bust 10/29/12 Bellevue

Funny I began my post with "you cannot argue with stupidity". I stand by my words and if there is one way to show your ignorance -use incorrect grammar and typos,and tell people who care about their town that it's better to just stay in your house and pretend there's no problem. I'm sorry my figures of speech confused you, perhaps an example of how to correctly use a word that has many spellings-your,you 're and Youre**In this case you're a dumbass would be the correct usage. :)  (Nov 12, 2012 | post #48)

Bellevue, KY

Yellow Curbs

I agree,our new chief is stepping up and disregarding the "good ol boy" traditions. I'm impressed at the level of communication he has with the citizens. Our officers are also doing a good job of picking up the pace of busting these drug dealers taking over our town.  (Nov 8, 2012 | post #6)

Bellevue, KY

Rufus Burton

What's the status of this guy?  (Nov 8, 2012 | post #2)

Bellevue, KY

Marijuana - Bellevue, KY

Not a chance its a gateway drug for young people,  (Nov 8, 2012 | post #10)

Bellevue, KY

Herion bust 10/29/12 Bellevue

You can't argue with stupidity,I think if you wanna defend drug dealers and attack people who want a clean city you should go live elsewhere,we do not need your kind here in Bellevue,you're part of the problem. Nothing wrong with loving your family and wanting them to get help but "mind your own business " is not a defense, it is MY business,this is my town,my kids and can you feel the low rumble beginning here in town of everyone getting sick of you pushing drugs in our streets? Try to tell us its none if our business.  (Nov 8, 2012 | post #23)

Bellevue, KY


That's the way to change,put it out there and put these drug dealers on notice. Make them feel the pressure and lose sleep like all these families of the people they sell their poison do!  (Nov 8, 2012 | post #2)

Bellevue, KY

Drug dealer on Lafayette Street

Ha,snitches get stitches lol how about all the young lives being destroyed by these maggots selling drugs,raising crime in our city so they can buy the drugs. I say drug pushers be on notice a whole wave of snitches should come your way.  (Nov 7, 2012 | post #10)

Bellevue, KY

rebel flag

For all of the crap we have to tolerate and concede to so as not to offend someone ,I say kudos to that man for doing what he wants. So sick of babying the feelings of others,how about watching them walk down the street with their assess hanging out offends me!! Talking like retards,and pulling the race card anytime they are held accountable for anything! So yeah that man can gave his flag. I have black friends btw. Just sick of having to tip toe in society bc if people who want to complain about every thing.  (Nov 7, 2012 | post #32)