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Jun 25, 2011

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Why are some people so racist?

Some people become racist or prejudicial because of life experiences. As someone who didn't grow up racist, I have over the years become very skeptical and sometimes can be prejudicial. I live in a typical town, blacks make up about 17% of our population which is a little higher than the National average. As someone who works withing the social service field, blacks do disproportionately make up my clients. When I have clients on a regular basis who seem to do their damndest to fit the stereotype, it can only make you wonder. There are problems within the black community that too many people automatically dismiss when brought up. Everything is not the fault of others. People need to realize that as adults you are personally responsible for the decisions you make in life. Not everyone who brings up the issues within the black community and personal responsibility are racist. Not everyone who is unhappy with having to foot the bills for perfectly healthy people is racist. When you deal with people who are healthy but refuse to take personal responsibility for themselves; when you deal with it every single day and with the attitude that I am entitled, you literally have to fight prejudicial thoughts. When you see it day in and day. When daily deal with people who are drop outs, on parole, on probation, under 30 and pregnant for the 3rd time and not married, with people asking for one social program after another and they re disproportionately black it poisons your thoughts about black people. Yes this attitude and lack of personal responsibility exists within the white as well as other populations. However the percentage of blacks is highly disproportionate to other populations. Judging a person solely on color isn't right, but black people also need to realize their role also. Some people need to realize if you don't like the stereotype, then more people need to stop fitting the stereotype. But what poisons a persons thoughts on black people the most is when you deal with the problems of black people every day and when you try to address the problems all you hear are excuses. And not just from them, but others as well co-dependently supporting their consistent poor choices. Stop making excuses, finish school, make something of yourself. There is no better satisfaction that proving someone wrong. If you don't then you just prove another racist person right.  (Jun 18, 2013 | post #85)


Cheerios Commercial Featuring Mixed Race Family Gets Raci...

I don't see what the big deal of the commercial is. It isn't controversial and the only thing reason people would have a problem with it is because they disagree about interracial couples. I thought the commercial was adorable as well as brilliant.  (Jun 18, 2013 | post #2136)


Zimmerman's lawyers reveal he's almost broke and they qui...

If his lawyers blew through that much money in this amount of time, they cost too damn much. I'm sure with this high profile case he could have gotten some big named lawyer or team of lawyers looking for months of free publicity for nothing. These kind of cases make lawyers and I'm sure a lot of them are salivating over having this case. I don't feel sorry for any of them.  (Jun 18, 2013 | post #1575)

Lansing, MI

Michigan Felon Politician Ban Amendment, Proposal 2

Charges don't mean anything, it's what you're convicted with that counts and NO one in the state of Michigan has been found guilty of a felony for stealing $10. Not unless it involved a gun. And people who take guns with them to burglarize take them to shoot people if needed. Not exactly the kind of people who should be serving the people in political office. You just sound like a disgruntled criminal who thinks HE's the victim. Stop blaming the system. If YOU make the decision to be a productive member of society and not a criminal you would have any problems.  (Jun 25, 2011 | post #122)


blacks are ruining America

AA make up 13.8% of the population but over 50% of the welfare rolls. 67% of all AA babies are born on Medicaid. 90% of all black children will receive food stamps in their life. Once again AA only make up 13.8% of the population but make up more than half of those receiving Section 8 or living in public housing. Look up the statistics, google it. Facts are facts. Data and statistics don't lie. AA men are more likely to go to prison than college. Oh but wait, it societies fault or the white mans fault. I grew up in Gary Indiana, lived in the same neighborhoods, went to the same schools and had the same hardships and made something of myself. I didn't blame everyone, society or the white man for my situation growing up. It's time for AA to stop blaming everyone and the past for why they end where they do. The white man didn't knock on your door and knock up your 16 year old daughter, force your son to drop out of school, start selling dope and rob the local liquor store. The white man didn't force you to be "my babies daddy" to 4 or 5 kids and then not pay support. Stop making excuses, finish school and get a job.  (Jun 25, 2011 | post #163)