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Sep 22, 2007

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Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Save fertile soil at Ho'opili site - Hawaii Editorials

I agree! Save our farm and pastureland! Once it is gone, it is gone forever! Stop the development in Ewa and Laie!  (Aug 25, 2009 | post #11)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Crime-busters earn praise during police ceremony - Hawaii...

Congratulations to Pascua, Kau, and the others. I was disappointed to read the comments made by their parents. They should be encouraging them for doing the right thing. It is people who fear or have the "ainokea " attitude that gives criminals power. If everyone did the right thing and got involved like they did crime would go way down! Again-great job!  (Aug 13, 2009 | post #3)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Developer plans 12,000 homes on 'the best ag land' on Oah...

NO NO NO! No to development of prime ag land in Ewa! No to development of prime pastureland in Laie! We NEED these lands for farming and cattle and horses! Stop the madness! Somebody start petitions or a rally and we will be there!  (Aug 12, 2009 | post #57)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Avoid declawing cats if at all possible - Hawaii Features

Instead of declawing, try trimming the ends with a clipper like you do with dogs. This works for me and the trims last a month or more. If you start when they are kittens they tolerate the trims just fine! With the blunt claws my cats don't scratch at the furniture, and they do no damage from running and jumping.  (Aug 4, 2009 | post #6)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Isles' latest flu-related deaths are younger men - Hawaii...

I think they should release a list of the underlying conditions so that people with those conditions can take extra care. This will not violate privacy rights since the victims were not identified. I think keeping that information secret is endangering the public. I know that if I had one of those conditions (which could be could be something common as asthma or diabetes for instance) I would want to know. Not releasing the conditions is criminal.  (Jul 31, 2009 | post #3)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Church defends bid to build homes in Malaekahana - Hawaii...

No No No! We need to keep pasture land! I, and many of my friends, have horses at Gunstock Ranch. We all live in areas like Nanakuli, Makakilo, Kaneohe, Mililani etc. and have to drive long distances. The reason? No more pasture land in our areas due to thousands of homes that have been built! We need to preserve our country lands before they are all gone forever! The leasehold lands that are left in central and west areas don't allow livestock, only farming crops. I also have seen the traffic problems grow exponentially on the north shore and windward side. Building all these homes would create huge problems! They should build more dorms on their campus and an apartment building too. Raze the old housing and build lowrises on those sites. Use Turtle Bay for visitors, it is large and close enough. Keep country country!  (Jul 30, 2009 | post #26)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Outdoor Circle dogs Wienermobile - Hawaii News

I also sent an email! Loy and the OC have in one fell swoop lost any credibility they once had. Remember when they decided that soda machines were billboards!?!? I thought that one was ridiculous too! They had to take "Coke" and "Pepsi" off all the machines!  (Jul 24, 2009 | post #97)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Man accused of theft dies during scuffle - Hawaii News

Not true. Almost 100 percent of shoplifting arrests here are made by civilians. After the suspect is stopped outside the store, they are escorted back into the store and police are then called. In this case I am willing to bet the toxicology results will show he was on meth or PCP, and his heart was beating so fast it just gave out.  (Jul 8, 2009 | post #11)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Lingle vetoes bill aimed at taxing e-commerce - Hawaii Bu...

Thank you! Let us hope the legislators don't override.  (Jul 2, 2009 | post #1)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Kapolei mall development on track - Business

NO more development, either retail or housing, unless roads are built/improved FIRST. Traffic in Kapolei is outrageous right now!  (Mar 12, 2009 | post #5)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Woman, 43, fatally stabbed at Ewa mall - News

I agree, we need the death penalty! These outrageous crimes call for it. I don't mean as a deterrent, I mean kill them because we can never take a chance on our overcrowded prisons, soft judges, or dilusional parole board letting them back out in society... Guys like this have no morals or empathy. They will not be changed or "saved" in prison. Cold blooded killers.  (Feb 28, 2009 | post #4)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Costco Kapolei opens its doors - Business

If you are going to Costco PLEASE use the Campbell/Kalaeloa Off. The Makakilo/Kapolei Off was backing up onto the freeway, and blocked Makakilo residents from coming down the hill. Farrington can't handle the traffic. Also please build more than one road out of Makakilo. It took me 45 minutes to move one block on Makakilo Drive yesterday. They redid the road at Campbell off just for you shoppers...  (Feb 28, 2009 | post #1)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Judge rejects guilty verdict in gun case - News

Another example of how lenient our judges are here! This is what we get when we keep electing liberal legislators. THEY are the ones who have the hearings to confirm nominated new judges. They refused to confirm a couple of recent "tough on crime" judicial nominees in the last year. Stop re-electing these idiots. Also, why is it possession to have drugs in the car, but not possession when it is a gun??? Idiot judge! Hope the prosecutors win the appeal and keep this criminal locked up for a looong time!  (Feb 17, 2009 | post #14)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Cigarette tax picks on most hopeless - Features

I agree! A longevity tax makes the most sense. That way I can almost put up with their holier than thou attitude towards the rest of us shmucks. Sorry but those health nuts are torture to be around, think they are better than others, try to force their opinions on others and take out their unhappy lives on all of us! They are so grouchy eating grass sprouts, when deep inside they reeeally want chocolate cake...  (Feb 8, 2009 | post #2)

Honolulu Star-Bulletin

Put the brakes on resurgence of traffic cams - Features

I agree with Charles. Red light cameras have been dropped in many cities and counties across the country because of statistics that show injury accidents actually rise exponentially when red light cameras are installed. The ones who have kept them do so because of the revenue. 60 minutes and CBS news have also shown that cities have shortened the time for yellow lights so they can increase revenue. Very dangerous. Want proof? Read the below articles for actual statistics: http://www.popular nology/upgrade/242 0766.html /Insurance/InsureY ourCar/AreRedLight CamerasFairToDrive rs.aspx  (Feb 5, 2009 | post #15)

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