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Jan 28, 2008

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Columbia, SC

hey grandma what's fer supper?

msg msg and a little more msg... M milk S satisfies G gargantuan thirst good day to you and yours!  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #1143)

Columbia, SC

Cigarette Tax Could Go Up 93 Cents a Pack

i think they should give the extra tax money to the tobacco farmers that they are going to run out of business...poor farmers...remember, most of them are here in the south. I should smoke to help our local farmers make ends  (Mar 13, 2009 | post #37)

Columbia, SC

Marijuana Legal In South Carolina? The Debate Begins

additive? I have heard of people using marijuana as an additive in brownies...alice b. tokeless hee hee  (Feb 6, 2009 | post #124)

Columbia, SC

Is the media biased against Conservatives?

it was a copied and pasted email...and I said that in the first for speaking from my a$$..I only use that oriface for excrement silly.  (Jan 26, 2009 | post #17)

Columbia, SC

Is the media biased against Conservatives?

I got this in my email yesterday...checke d on snopes, but they didnt have it yet so I dont know if it is fact or not but it sounds plausible enough... ****************** ****************** ***** The News media can twist and spin information to try to get people to think their way instead of just reporting the news and let the individual think for themselves. Headlines 4 Years Ago: "Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops Die in unarmored Humvees" "Bush extravagance exceeds any reason during tough economic times" "Fat cats get their $42 million inauguration party, Ordinary Americans get the shaft" Headlines Today: "Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $120 million" "Obama Spends $120 million on inauguration; America Needs A Big Party" "Everyman Obama shows America how to celebrate" "Citibank executives contribute $8 million to Obama Inauguration"  (Jan 23, 2009 | post #9)

Columbia, SC

Good clubs?

Head on over to BLUE in the is kind of behing wild wing cafe.. great food, great drinks, great atmosphere  (Jan 22, 2009 | post #3)

Columbia, SC

The Smile Train- Kick a thon

Saturday January 17th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Dutch Sqaure Mall Come watch as the students from The Columbia School of Karatedo raise money for The Smile Train by achieving their goal of 1000 kicks. The Smile Train is a non profit organization that provides surgery for children all over the world that suffer from Cleft Palate. You can visit the Smile Train web site at to find out more about all the good things they do while changing the world- one smile at a time. For information about the Kick-a-thon you can call the Columbia School of Karatedo at (you will have to look it up- topix will not let me post the phone #) During the Kick-a-thon, the students will also put on demonstrations for the crowds. Come help out and raise some money for the Smile Train, and enjoy some Karate at the same time.  (Jan 16, 2009 | post #1)

Columbia, SC

Bad Customer Service

Blue Tapas in the vista is AWESOME!!! I love that place- good food, great atmosphere.  (Jan 9, 2009 | post #11)

Columbia, SC

What does Underhay mean when he says"on the egg"?

oh Underhay, I am so proud you have earned your own thread! and for the egg!!!  (Jan 9, 2009 | post #12)

Columbia, SC

Friends and local bar in W.Cola to host BBQ dinner for 7 ...

yay!! I love fundraisers for a good cause. I will send Mr. Hockeygirl there to pick up some plates!  (Jan 6, 2009 | post #22)

Columbia, SC

Actor Patrick Swazye Diagnosed with Cancer

My brother in law passed away this past Monday from pancreatic cancer...he almost made it a year after diagnosis. He too, lost half his body weight before the end. Hospice released him to die in his own home. he lasted a week after he took out his feeding tube. It is a horrible way to go.  (Dec 19, 2008 | post #118)

Columbia, SC

David Stanton

well, if yall get to missing him, you can go to Comptons Kitchen in Triangle City and have some lunch with him, he is in there all the time. The food is great...sometimes I think they have some sweet grandmas chained up in the back cooking the food.  (Dec 12, 2008 | post #15)

Columbia, SC

lets make a deal

technically, you can only be half anti Obama then, cause he is only HALF BLACK- so, would you have voted for the white half?  (Dec 3, 2008 | post #42)

Columbia, SC

underhay in scripture?

is "bible thumper" in the bible? Jeremiah 23:16, Matthew 7:15  (Dec 3, 2008 | post #3)

Columbia, SC

hey grandma what's fer supper?

ahhhh, I was finally felling better and cooked me some homemade chicken and dumplings last night...yummy they will be lunch today too, with some jellied cranberries on the side. mmmmmmmm getting hungry now.  (Dec 3, 2008 | post #277)

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Missing my boys :(


Cayce, SC


one without violence

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Columbia Inferno Hockey

I Belong To:

my husband

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I enjoy real life

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I TRY to find humor in everything

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usually oldies on 98.5

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Calvin and Hobbs- any one will do

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science, hockey, my son, my husband, wood burning fireplaces, NASA, the country, horses, chickens, camping

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No hockey for a year?!?!

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I am on myspace, but you will have to request to find. happy to share though.

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all kinds of things, but you would need to ask specific questions to get an answer.