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Dec 22, 2008

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Favorite Things:

Ryan H, thank you for helping me get through this, you're the best friend anybody could ever wish for.

I Believe In:

Well, I know you think I'm just posting this here to get attention, I'm just trying to tell the world about what a great person Rory was. Dear Rory: this is probably the last place you'd ever look to find information about you. You always used to laugh at me when I went on here. I love you Rory, I always will. You didn't deserve what happend, nobody does. I think it's time to face facts, I'm not going to see you anymore. I keep hoping this is all a sick dream, belive me I've pinched myself many times. You had the best personality ever, sometimes I took that for granted. I took you for granted most the time, I didn't relise how lucky I was. I didn't deserve you. I'll never forget you Rory, I'd give my own life to save yours.