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Sep 17, 2011

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Seminole, OK

American Legion

I believe Steve Saxon or the city of Seminole (one in the same) has their place picked out for the expo center (plot of land on and beside Tennessee Joe's) now. I really hate when someone like Saxon (a leader) offers his opinions and ideas to make the city better and nobody ever has an argument brought publicly to his attention or to him behind closed doors, the opposition just tucks their tales and run to the safety of their keyboard to talk trash. In my opinion, the American Legion needs the same kind of leadership Steve Saxon doesn't have to be the same view, but the same drive, detail, and ownership he takes in his projects would suffice. They lack leadership bad. BTW, bingo players started spending time and money at the casinos and now they are wanting it back. You have millions of dollars on either side of the AL with Reynolds and the softball quad....of course the city isn't going to let shady out of town vendors start a Backdoor business at a lousy attempt to increase revenue for a couple of months. All I have to say is or ask is....if you bash a better be a leader! Don't say anything to anyone you wouldn't say to their face! I hope the AL gets the leadership it requires in this time of need and I prey the older guys give the new guys a chance to carry the torch before the place is unsaveable. That took longer than intended.  (Sep 17, 2011 | post #10)