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Apr 3, 2013

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Type 2 Cured Cases - their treatments

I have diabetes type 2 & became interested in an internet article by a Diabetes 2 patient, Cesar who wrote his experiences including getting totally healed from Diabetes. His article is titled “Diabetes 2 - If I can Heal, You can Heal “ Actually he and his cousin were Diabetes 2 patients and when his condition took a turn for the worse, both he and his cousin looked over a bunch of Alternative medicine for their illness. The Article lists several remedies, one of which is called T cell Therapy. Cesar stated the T Cell Therapy is how both he and his cousin got from Diabetes to normal again. Cesar says if diabetes 2 patients are searching for Alternative Treatments or want to change their condition, then his recommendation is to try the T Cell Therapy first. Cesar's experience & article can be viewed at: http://diabetes2-h I had to read the whole information about this new treatment. I have gone over several forums and internet articles on diabetes treatments and in many cases there are inconsistencies and false information. Because of past experience I was skeptical of any cures or treatments. However, the information on T Cell Therapy is written together with links that support the data. Explanations are sourced from Medical Discoveries and information from Research material and even Wikipedia where material is well reviewed before being included in their Knowledge base. These was enough to convince me to at least try this treatment. That was almost a year ago and I have finished all the formula as recommended for my condition. I wish to state that T Cell Therapy actually delivers healing as recommended. There were several internet sites that I have gone over the years with various recommendations of a treatment but in my opinion and experience, \T Cell Therapy is one of the best healing formulas for type 2 diabetes. I recommend this to others because I was a diabetic and am cured & healthy. What is my definition of healthy and cured? A fasting glucose of below 100 and I don't need medications. If I still had diabetes, I would want to hear from someone who tried a medicine that works. Well, I have used a medicine that works. It is up to diabetics if they would want to hear from me. This remedy works. View the T Cell Therapy site at http://naturopathi l  (Apr 3, 2013 | post #1)