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Jun 21, 2013

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HIV-Entdeckung zeigt Virus versteckt in immunes System Zellen Dänische Forscher haben eine Anti-Krebs-Medizin , verwendet, um HIV versteckt in den Zellen des Patienten, die Anti-HIV-Medikamen te, die Freilegung des Virus für das Immunsystem und macht es anfällig für Angriffe zu aktivieren. Die Ergebnisse am Dienstag bilden eine der wichtigsten wissenschaftlichen Entdeckungen bei der Aids-2014 gefeiert Konferenz in Melbourne, als großer Teil der Sprache Verschiebungen Weg von der Suche nach einem Heilmittel, den Schwerpunkt auf große Schritte in der HIV-Behandlung und Prävention. HIV versteckt sich in einem Zustand der Winterschlaf bei CD4-Zellen, ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des Immunsystems. CD4-Zellen sind nicht in der Lage zur Bekämpfung von HIV selbst – diese Rolle liegt mit das Immunsystem Killer T-Zellen. Aber da Killer T-Zellen nicht HIV-Virus versteckt innerhalb der CD4-Zellen erkennen, sie sind nicht in der Lage, anzugreifen und aus dem Körper zu beseitigen. Während HIV-Patienten auf antiretrovirale medikamentöse Behandlung oft gehen auf nicht nachweisbar Ebenen des HIV in ihrem System haben, ist es nie verschwunden. Es gibt immer ein Reservoir Links versteckt in den Zellen, zu aktuellen Screening-Tools nicht nachweisbar und bereit, halten des Immunsystems wieder Patienten ihre antiretrovirale Therapie beendet werden soll. Weblink: http://www.theguar 014/jul/22/hiv-bre akthrough-reveals- virus-hidden-in-im mune-system-cells Gehen Sie zur website: http://koyalgroupi Boni: http://koyalgroup1 http://koyalgroup1  (Aug 1, 2014 | post #1)

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Scientists add Letters to DNA’s Alphabet by The Koyal Gro...

Scientists reported Wednesday that they had taken a significant step toward altering the fundamental alphabet of life — creating an organism with an expanded artificial genetic code in its DNA. The accomplishment might eventually lead to organisms that can make medicines or industrial products that cells with only the natural genetic code cannot. The scientists behind the work at the Scripps Research Institute have already formed a company to try to use the technique to develop new antibiotics, vaccines and other products, though a lot more work needs to be done before this is practical. The work also gives some support to the concept that life can exist elsewhere in the universe using genetics different from those on Earth. “This is the first time that you have had a living cell manage an alien genetic alphabet,” said Steven A. Benner, a researcher in the field at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, Fla., who was not involved in the new work. But the research, published online by the journal Nature, is bound to raise safety concerns and questions about whether humans are playing God. The new paper could intensify calls for greater regulation of the budding field known as synthetic biology, which involves the creation of biological systems intended for specific purposes. “The arrival of this unprecedented ‘alien’ life form could in time have far-reaching ethical, legal and regulatory implications,” Jim Thomas of the ETC Group, a Canadian advocacy organization, said in an email. “While synthetic biologists invent new ways to monkey with the fundamentals of life, governments haven’t even been able to cobble together the basics of oversight, assessment or regulation for this surging field.” Homepage: http://www.nytimes .com/2014/05/08/bu siness/researchers -report-breakthrou gh-in-creating-art ificial-genetic-co de.html?_r=1 Get More Information: http://koyalgroupi m/koyalgroup  (May 14, 2014 | post #1)

Koyal Group Advises Investors -, Koyal Gro...

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Koyal Group Advises Investors -, Koyal Gro..., Koyal Group Tokyo Japan Following two consecutive decades of economic slump, Japan is now seen by many analysts at Koyal Group and elsewhere as an attractive market for investment, with strong potential to generate capital growth. Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister today made confident statements regarding his attempts to stimulate the Japanese economy via government spending, and wider growth strategy implementation. Recently conducted research by Koyal Group supports the fact that this positive perception of the Japanese economy is shared within the wider global investment community. Read this article: http://www.prlog.o rg/12139542-koyal- group-advises-inve stors-on-stable-ja panese-economy.htm l  (Jun 21, 2013 | post #1)