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Mar 7, 2009

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Dorchester County, SC

Accident claims lives of 2 on motorcycle

Unfortunately, SC roads aren't safe for anyone no matter how they are traveling. Innocent people are murdered everyday on SC roads and like this case many of the people who actually cause the accident are never charged for the murder that they have commited. SCHP is no help because just like this couple my Dad was an innocent victim of SC roads except for he was walking across the street in a well lit area when he was hit by the woman and of course they aren't charging her with anything either. They have actually said that the accident was my Dad's fault. When will SC change its laws to protect its people traveling on SC roads against drivers being negligent?  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #9)

Goose Creek, SC

pedestrian hit by car passes away

On Superbowl Sunday my Dad was hit by a car the woman that hit him is not being charged with anything, she wasn't even given a breathalizer. Why is it that people can kill other people and nothing happens to them?  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #1)

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Goose Creek, SC

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