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Sep 25, 2012

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Shelton, WA

Dirty Restaurants

What restaurants are dirty? I never eat in town so I wouldn't know, but I'd like to find out for future reference. The only place I've ever patronized is Ritz Burgers and that's a drive thru so I can't really comment on cleanliness but their oysters are fresh and burgers are decent. Oh yeah, the Spencer Lake Grill was ok and so was that place in the back of that grocery store on the same street, it was really good in fact, and the Olympic Bakery was great, but that's just my little neck of the woods.  (Mar 27, 2013 | post #2)

Pleasant Hill, CA

Authorities Raid TJ Fades Barber Shop in Concord - Illega...

The Best Western Hotel across the street is a noisy, crime ridden piece of crap =flea bag as well. Why it stays open is a mystery to me. How can these welfare mongers and drug dealers afford close to $100 a night for this on general assistance is beyond me. Must be making a sh*tload on dealing out of these rooms. This hotel chain sees fit to keep the place open regardless of all the negative publicity on Yelp. They must be receiving an awful lot of bribes. This type of crime has destroyed Contra Costa County.  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #34)

Pikeville, KY

Mountain lions!

In California and Washington we can't walk around at night because of the mountain lions and people are judging me a spammer, nuts and lots of other things on this site because I'm just being honest about my experience with the mountain lions in rural isolated communities. I cannot walk my dog after sunset. Period. With daylight savings time the sun will be gone at 5.  (Oct 10, 2012 | post #18)

Pleasant Hill, CA

Pleasant Hill Residents Warned About Prowling Mountain Lion

Spam? Clueless? Nuts? What part of my statement is untrue? Google Auburn Lake Trails and Mountain Lion Attack, same thing with Grass Valley. Now check with a biologist about their take on the situation. Then come back to me. If you report a mountain lion sighting in Placerville, you are laughed out of the room. There are so many. Most residents have seen a mountain lion. Which is a lot more than I can see from any of you in Pleasant Hill. I grew up in PH, and heard about them being seen in Briones. I once saw a deer leg on the trail, only to find it gone 30 minutes later when I walked back. Where did it go? Hmmmmm. If you are afraid to throw out your trash, what do you do? Carry a rifle in one hand a Glad Bag in the other? I have a friend who is a game warden and he has tracked cougars with his dad since he was a youngster. He is dead serious when he says that a mountain lion will sneak up on you and attack. They are sneaky, just like your house cat will pounce on your unsuspecting leg if he gets the notion.  (Oct 7, 2012 | post #5)

Pleasant Hill, CA

Pleasant Hill Residents Warned About Prowling Mountain Lion

didn't this happen 2 years ago? What's the big deal? I saw a mountain lion in my back yard a few weeks ago, called Fish and Game and they told me it was probably a ferral cat. I knew it wasn't, it had a tufted tail and it was screaming like a crazy person. Plus, people see them in the Grocery Outlet parking lot in Placerville all the time. It is common knowledge that you can't walk out at night unless you want to get mutilated like a woman did five years ago in Auburn Lake Trails while she jogged on a trail. Also, a man in Grass Valley got chewed on the head as he slept in his sleeping bag. Naturalists pooh poohed it as not really an attack, what was it? Kitten play? the cat I saw wasn't going away and he didn't look like he wanted to share his dinner either, he looked like he wanted to make me his dinner. Fact is, mountain lions have become too plentiful in California because deer have overbred and our food chain is all out of balance. they are protected so they are just licking their chops and smirking. In Washington, you pay $15 for a license to hunt them and they don't seem to have the problem we have. People being afraid to walk at night, and mothers being afraid to let their children play in their own back yards.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #2)

Pleasant Hill, CA

Authorities Raid TJ Fades Barber Shop in Concord - Illega...

I used to live in Concord and noticed a lot of guys just hanging out in this barber shop. The music was really loud and it didn't seem like there was much hair cutting going on. Just lots of traffic. I'm glad it got raided, Concord is crime ridden.  (Sep 29, 2012 | post #10)

Pleasant Hill, CA

Wagner is a Wiener

I'm sorry to be so immature, but Phil is a Wiener. He just is. I'm sure you will agree, especially if you were the one of the unforunate women who dated him. He never has any money, always broke, whines, is a hypochondriac, has screaming nightmares all the time, about people chasing him, drinks too much, mooches anything he can get, nothing is safe, including your toothpaste and toothbrush for god's sake, and spends all his time downloading movies off the internet instead of looking for a job. Plus, he is mired in debt through no one's fault but his own and has nothing but what his parents left him and lives in the same house he lived in as a child with his brother. What a loser. Oh, he claims he can play the piano, but I've never heard him play a simple tune properly-can't play something children learn in their first music lessons like 'Ode to Joy'  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #1)

Pleasant Hill, CA

Facebook Narcissists

I am so sick of people posting old pictures of themselves on Facebook. Granted, it is a good way of identifying old friends, but when women start posting pictures of themselves in revealing outfits that are 20 years old. Houston, we have a problem. There is an old stripper out there who is over sixty years old, I'm not kidding guys, and she is posting pictures of herself that are so old you can feel a sneeze coming on from the dust. I think you might know her? Yvonne Fimbres from Antioch and Pleasant Hill. She used to work as a small bit stripper in San Francisco and her claim to fame is that she sang back up vocals for Taj Mahal which is highly questionable considering the quality of her vocals on her website. She also sells adult toys, lingerie and pictures of herself on the web. Gag me. The problem with Facebook in general is it started out well meaning enough but it has become like a lot of things on the net a tool for scam artists. More often than not, if I am logged into my account and leave my computer unattended for longer than an hour, my virus checker kicks into high gear and I'm in freeze mode. Then I have to reboot. So the tracking cookies are doing a number there. Click on any link and it is really dangerous. I'm wondering about this site as well... Who am I? Maybe you should be asking that question as well.  (Sep 25, 2012 | post #1)

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