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Jul 11, 2008

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Im a good black man Ive never dated out side and never choose to. I graduated high school, I now go to college and have a well paying job but men like me find it hard to attract black women and the resion is that black women are puting all black men in the same steriotypical catagory when the integrated honest truth is black men are only indevidual males with different personalitys, Im not a thug who would never take care of my kids if I had any, I respect black women but they dont respect me, they keep calling me a low life, saying im lazy, and that I happen to be a thug but I know thats not at all true, when will black women stop and relize that not all black men are thugish and will treat them like dirt or talk badly about them and that ther are good black men like me in the world, but black women are attracted to thugs, those are the type of black men they go for the ones who treat them like dirt and dont take care of the babies, men like me they turn me down because im not a steriotypical thug or im not embrassing the hip hop culture and lifestyle enougth, they fill that I need to dress my and act like a thug, but I happen to like my self why should I act like something im not, why should I act like a steriotype that all black women and white people put me in, why should i act lazy,jobless,thugish when im not that type of guy. Im a great fun guy but black women upset me and treat me badly with all the bullying calling me things that im not. they think just because im a black man that im a low life and that white men are better than me, so what am a guy like me to do choose a white women because black women choose 1)not to be with me because im black, 2) they judge me by my skin color and not as a indevidual male 3) they dont like the fact that im not thugish and that i do work hard and keep a job. alot of you may disagree with me but i find this to be true good black men like me dont get black women because black women go for thugs who would treat them like dirt and dont take care of ther kids, black women have you forgotten about good black men like us. we do exist but the only resion why most of us go for white women is beacuse we fill let down by you steriotyping us and bullying us that all black men are scum, stop the name calling black women thers still good black men in the world dont give up on us, we love you take time out to listen to what we got to say fill our pain also, and vice vera let us take your pain that you fill in consideration. black women stop having low self esteem and dressing trashy by showing off too much skin youl only attract thugs who only want sex and might give you stds, start dressing classy to leave something to the imagination and give us nice black guys a chance. snoop dogg isnt like bill cosby and bill cosby isnt like snoop dogg remember that my black queens, i love you  (Oct 11, 2008 | post #1356)


Call for 'black schools'

Japanese teach ther children at a young age about the fundamentals of business ownership,real estate, and self reliance maybe we should start doing the same thing. Japansese go to school everyday including weekends so I think we should make the weekends home school day wher the parents teach ther kids about finnance,business, and real estate at a early age  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #327)


Why Are Black People So Racist?

give us back all the gold that you took from africa and give us free frequent trips back to africa...ohh and I forgot to mention give us all the money from the slave labor that your ancesters put our ancesters throue then probly some of us wouldn't be so racist towareds you whites. but no matter what any of you whites try to do to stop all us from being so racist we will always remember all the lynching,torcher,rapes on black women,burning down houses all the hatful dern right racist things that whites did to us over 800 years  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #13)


Is Charlize Theron the prettiest AA woman?

shes not AFRICAN AMERICAN shes a KENYAN AMERICAN the same thing goes for BAROCK OBAMA hes also not a AFRICAN AMERICAN hes a BI-RACIAL KENYAN AMERICAN the same thing goes for people born in ITALY and RUSSIA who come to AMERICA THER ITALLIAN AMERICANS and RUSSIAN AMERICANS  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #57)


Best Way To Stop Black Men From Dating White Women

why is it that alot of black women and white men who date interracialy find it hard to except black men being with white women. I dont get it because when I date women black,white,asian or hispanic I dont date them based on ther ethinicty but I date them because of ther personality and if a woman happens to be white or a bbw I dont care because this is my life and I date who I want to. This is the 21st century and thers still alot of racist people out ther mainly black women and white men who dont want black men dating women of other races but that dosnt bother me because at least im enjoying my life and im not stuck on racism and jealusty  (Sep 9, 2008 | post #108)