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Aug 2, 2010

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Milmay, NJ

Elizabeth Mcvaugh with terry&jerry (the dogs)

I cannot believe that I am seeing these pictures here tonight; actually, it's 1:48 am Monday morning and I should be sleeping....but... .these stirred me up. I lived in Milmay as a kid and I remember all of these things...I was good friends with Janet Matwiow when her parents owned the Milmay Hotel. I knew Squeak (Johnny Kupetz) and his wife, Anna, and their children who were young kids at the time - Johnny and Debbie Kupetz......These photos are priceless. I even remember Elizabeth McVaugh...and she had a son, or grandson, named Eddie McVaugh, who was cute and sweet and had red curly hair.......I think he had a Harley too.....  (Aug 2, 2010 | post #1)