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Jul 26, 2012

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Kevin Myers: Two extremes in North like spoilt brats on a...

mate I agree with everything above, I am a protestant (not a loyalist) but what you say at the end it's not relevant one bit, too much has happened here in the past, this is the reason why this is happening in our country.. Sinn fein have been anti BRITTISH pretty much since they were born and as a political party now will continue to be anti BRITTISH supported MAINLY by the IRA (I Ran Away and hid behind women and children) and their supporters. And don't forget the troubles was nothin but tit for tat killings by each other, many civilians were killed by both sides, it was absoluty crazy. Fair enough the ira brought abit o peace to the catholic community, but look at the price ffs still worth it?? I suppose u could say some tables have turned and now the loyalist community is angry, I also feel this anger at some of the decisions that were made over previous months ie especially with the parades commission, them routes are for us to celebrate, they have been walked for many years and it does means soo much to some people and I feel no one can take that right to walk the path they have always walked ?? No?? Sinn fein are not stupid.. They know exactly what move to make and when to do it!!!! And that's just proven, why would any government make a decision like that right before Christmas. What?? Did they honestly think the loyalist people would just let this happen?? Of course they didn't, they knew that the world would be watching, they knew this would happen so theyre laughing their ballex off behind closed doors and saying look what kind of people we have to deal with.. Anyway I feel that this is going too far now and I feel sinn fein are going to push for more decisions to change northern Ireland, how far can you go?? Sinn feins able to name a kids park after a IRA terrorist, this is outraged alot of people and i fear that anymore will bring this country back to hell, which no one wants simply because too many INNOCENT died.. Dirty war and sinn fein are laughing. Make what you want of them!!! Peace to northern ireland.  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #30)

Weed for Sale, North Belfast - Newtownabbey

Pics mate?? I'm from newtonabby!  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #6)

Belfast: 'It's not just the flag. They want to take every...

Border poll*  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #103)

Belfast: 'It's not just the flag. They want to take every...

mate u idea of a united ireland is not gona happen in my life time or yours, the so called I Ran Away paramilitary done their damage here and there ain't no going back, you've made your bed now lie in it. Anyway theirs a tiny amount of nationalists would say yes to a blotter poll ffs and do u honestly think Ireland want you lolololol fs they have enough of their own problems nevermind ours lol dream land mate I wish I could visit for a while  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #102)

Belfast: 'It's not just the flag. They want to take every...

are you serious?? Romanians and Bulgarians lol theres a few different nationalities more important than them lol ffs wot about the poles their cumin in by the boat load everyday lol soon they will be a majority and gave a say in government  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #101)

Irishwoman at center of IRA tapes fight found dead

Lol ffs this woman is one of the smallest fishes in the water not much achieved here just a few happy faces  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #6)

Man held over flag demonstrations

wots wrong mate ur balls/clitoris drop??? Just u worry about ur own country's problems as I'm sure they've enough of their own ffs  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #4)

Riots erupt in N.Ireland after Protestant marches

Sry united in the 1st place!!  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #904)

Riots erupt in N.Ireland after Protestant marches

mate do not take this the wrong way but u can go fuk yourself NORTHERN IRELAND IS ITS OWN COUNTRY, Got our own government lol Ffs if a border poll came i guarantee we will remain BRITTISH lolololol you are a mug If you think different FFS we are part of the united kingdom and its better for both cultures lol do you still think ireland want ous back haha u think they really want ous back after what has happened Wise up mate IRELAND will never be united again your living in dream land son. ULSTER IS BRITTISH AND WE SHALL NEVER LET YOU FORGET ABOUT IT. RELEASE ALL WRONGFULLY ARRESTED PROTESTERS FTPSNI SCUMM!!!!  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #903)

Man held over flag demonstrations

You don't live in NORTHERN IRELAND I take it ya muppet you dnt know wots goin on here so take yer self off mate before ya get in trouble mr GREY PUSSYCAT! The guy was peacefully protesting and the police beat and abused him!!! Need I say any more??  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #3)

East belfast enough is enough

To any east belfasters here , I was born and raised in clarawood, living in cloughfern and this is taking the piss now our country is changing for the worst and you lot knew things like this was gona happen years ago ffs everything so far that's changing,NONE of it is in the protestants interest it's a fuking joke and cannot (will not) continue. The only problem is that the protestant people cannot??(will not)??? Stick togeather?? FFS open your eyes the country is changing and we are still devided between ourselves. Now I'm only One person speaking on behalf of many people but I feel this cannot continue, in my opinion a new strategy needs to drawn out, 1 that will work which I know will be difficult but it had to change. All views on this subject I will respect except ppl from short strand, as I say I'm not sectarian. as my half bro is both religions and I love him (still do) rip bro!! but them lot are ira supporting scum, them ppl are not catholic their nothin but scum, Disgrace to respectable catholics them lot and I know from experience, so please express your views on this?? Cheers!  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #1)

Man held over flag demonstrations

Anyone see the video to this?? Absolutely shocking!! PSNI??? scum scum scum your an absolute disgrace to this country.. How the fuk can you say that fella was aggressive lol MUPPETS just yous beat an elderly man and call it your job I HAD some respect for your before but now your deserve everything that's cumin.. everyone remember the ira?? Well you lot are walking down that path again open your eyes FFS well Just to let ya know sinn fein are taking every part of being brittish outa this country, that is their objective and has always been. My point is psni is a joke they have no idea wot their doing and wot they will have to deal with. Now I have always believed in the peace process and believed that this was the only hope for this country, I am Protestant and NOT SECTARIAN ONE BIT, born and raised this way but if things continue like this it WILL come back to haunt yous. another example cloughfern tonite, there was a few bad eggs started some trouble and a fella coming back from a poker nite got arrested for walking home lol now you have fuked up even more now and in my OPINION deserve wots cuming, ur a disgrace to this country and have very little backing ya up now. I wish all the best to my fellow protesters and DONT give in to these dirty scum - just you'd remember you lot are also being filmed with every move you make..... Psni - scum scum scum.  (Jan 26, 2013 | post #1)

What happened to greendreamz ??

Anyone know?  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #1)

Get in touch u know who you are

Silly bugger scammed ya knowing u know wher he lives lol ffs use your head from now mate. It takes a fair amount to prove anything in court they need 100% certainty! Maybe he wont know what hit him, maybe you where sumwere else when it happened like a party with many people. Mate if it was me I wuda just went straight up to his house there and then, sorted!  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #29)

Blue Cheese A++

Well guys I've just received my packege, I've to go to work still but my first impression is that it's decent smoke. There was a nice aroma when opened and one of the buds feels quiet sticky. There was a fair amount of leaf on the other bud but I'm looking forward to testing later on  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #291)