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Feb 22, 2013

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Will the black population decrease in about 30 years?

Mixing with other races, killing each other, abortions, promoting homosexuality etc. I had a black friend in middle school, and he said that his family was having a hard time paying for the rent here in california, so his family moved to Georgia. I think this is happening a lot with black americans. So the south is gonna be flooded with black folks. Though I think the black population is going to decline after a while. Their birth rate is almost under 2.1, which is what a population needs to have a steady growth. Once it hits 1.9 or less, things will look bad, even with the immigrants coming in. They assimilate in the culture, and they start having less and less kids too. So even with immigration, i don't think the black population will keep growing in this country. At least not for many years.  (Apr 23, 2013 | post #253)

Glendale, CA

Armenian organized crime grows more complex

Ya... I don't have a problem with the people. I have a problem with the culture and the attitude. All my neighbors are white and Asian. The only noise that comes out of the area is my mom and sister yelling. It's so embarrassing. And I know how they are in Glendale too. It's good that they try to assimilate into American culture, but they do it the wrong way. In stead of getting a good education and becoming independent, the take after the slutty culture. The guys act like they're in a mafia, but they're so dumb. And they refuse to be called American. It's always "No. I'm Armenian" with them, and they make fun of white people. So retarded... We're white too. They need to get their heads out of their asses before demanding that Turkey do any favors for them. They're one of the whiniest and most self-entitled groups I've ever seen in my life. Fuck it... After I move out, changing my name and last name. Can't be bothered being affiliated with this embarrassment of a group. How are things working out for you in life and everything?  (Mar 3, 2013 | post #854)

Glendale, CA

Armenian organized crime grows more complex

I hate being Armenian....  (Feb 27, 2013 | post #852)

Glendale, CA

More armenian fraud

Hey guys.I just made this account after seeing these posts about Armenian gang activity. My parents are both from that country. They still consider themselves Armenian, but I don't. I'd rather be called American. It's true that a lot of Armenians are hard working, but a lot of them are scum too. I don't like associating with them. Best thing to do around these people is to just save your breath. There's no use trying to reason with them because they always think they're right. Instead of taking advantage of the country's opportunities, they just take advantage of the country itself. They're really barbaric in culture too. Literally EVERYTHING is an insult to them. I stopped talking to a lot of them because of this. They can never take a joke. And they feel proud of accomplishments that they haven't eve done. "Armenians did this, Armenians did that". It really makes me sick, knowing that i come from a culture like that. And they make fun of white people for some reason. How dumb. We're white too. But no, it's like "I'm not White, I'm Armenian" with them. Which is funny because they're on welfare, provided by the same whites they make fun of. They're extremely racist too. Not that they hate other races, but they feel that they're superior to others. They're extremely uneducated. You'll see them trolling on the internet saying "f u" to everyone who doesn't agree with them. It just shows how low their literacy rate is, and every time an Armenian speaks out against what they're doing, they say something like "You're not a real Armenian. You don't deserve to call yourself one of us" Well you know what? We're getting sick of this bs. You guys are always bringing their rest of us down, with your criminal attitudes and your big heads. it's already to the point that the rest of us "Americanized " Armenians just wanna say, screw it, and stop calling ourselves Armenians. Because you people are a joke, and you act like the same people that once persecuted you for being different. Honestly, drop the barbaric village mentality or go back to Armenia. The rest of us civilized Armenians will stay and help this nation proper. You can all go leach off some other country's welfare. -Henry  (Feb 22, 2013 | post #150)