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Feb 26, 2008

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Man, 28, dies from Viagra overdose during orgy

So the mortician has to deal with 2 stiff ones.  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #206)

US Politics

Mayor in Hot Water Over "Watermelons on White House Lawn"...

That is exactly what it is. It is sad. It is sad that in this day and age in thie mixing pot called America these idiot racist still exist. What is worse is that a Mayor of a city would have balls enough to send some smut out like this and think it wouldn't get out and people would not be offended. I am sure he will be shocked when people ask him to step down. However if a CEO of a company made a racial remark he would be fired on the spot. President Obama is a target for people because he is bi racial, because he beat out a evil white woman named Hilary and crushed a short armed redneck named McCain. In his defense he did not choose his parents or his heritage and he pity and gave Hilary's tail a job. President Obama is so above these idiots this doesn't even phase him...because he has the job. For those that hide their sheets in the closet...guess what...THERE IS A MINORITY IN OFFICE...DEAL WITH IT BYTCHES!!!  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #499)

Top Stories

Obama Dozed - People Froze AKA Obama's Katrina

Ditto  (Feb 4, 2009 | post #75)


9,000 Pounds of Marijuana Found in a School Bus

Man to be the person that got to clean out that bus.  (Feb 4, 2009 | post #16)


Do You Do Drugs?

Weed for years I gave it up for 26K more a year...  (Feb 4, 2009 | post #222)


Mom accused of smoking marijuana with teen kids

I was talking to my ex the other day. He smokes sons. Although I don't agree with it because they are underage, I must say as an adult I smoked plenty of joints with my Pops. If it wasn't for my job we would probaly still be smoking. My ex also said he has taken his son to the ho house and paid for the boy to get him some (he is 17) that is NASTY.  (Feb 4, 2009 | post #5115)


Baby Born with Twelve Fingers and Twelve Toes

Cute baby!! As long as he is healthy who cares how many fingers he has.  (Feb 4, 2009 | post #177)

Hertford, NC

hertford police dept??

Because they have 3 cops and they are all on call.  (Feb 4, 2009 | post #2)

WUSA Washington, DC

Doctors: Kids' Shoes With Wheels a Danger

ROFLMAO...I hate those carts and the parents that use them. I refuse to let my little on in one because I kinow they never get wiped down (yes I wipe the cart off before I use it). As for the Heely's I have seen a kid knock over a display stand rolling around in these shoes. I wonder if the parents sues the store.  (May 27, 2008 | post #25)

WUSA Washington, DC

Why I'm An Obama Hater!

I find it sickening that folks actually said.."he is too smart for a black man". OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT IN 2008  (May 27, 2008 | post #511)

WUSA Washington, DC

'He Executed Him...'

Does it really take 7 shots to kill a dog? Not only was this cop out of place by going in this backyard but this was clear overkill and needs to be looked at.  (May 27, 2008 | post #53)

WUSA Washington, DC

Eight Dollars for a Gallon of Gas?

The government isn't going to do anything about gas prices because the government is getting paid off of them...especially DUSH...I mean Bush.  (May 27, 2008 | post #29)

WUSA Washington, DC

Click It or Ticket

I got pulled over last week and given a ticket for not wearing my seat belt...but I had my seat belt on!! I told that jerk cop I would see him in court.  (May 27, 2008 | post #28)

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