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Aug 31, 2008

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Monticello, KY

Kroger going under?

I think that it went under cause of the cost. No kidding. You could go to Save A Lot and get mean 3x cheaper and lost of there other stuff was 2 or 3 bucks higher then the other stores. Now on to the booze. I am not a drinker but I would have voted yes for it if I had lived in the city because I want to see this place get bigger.  (Dec 6, 2016 | post #24)

Monticello, KY

Did Pibbstraa really pass away?

Yeah it is still business as usual for now. For some odd reason thought I cant stop listening to 90s music. Last year it was all 80s and now its 90s. Mr Pibb is still alive right?  (Mar 17, 2016 | post #63)

Monticello, KY

Did Pibbstraa really pass away?

Why does no one ever ask if I passed away  (Mar 15, 2016 | post #61)

Monticello, KY

Building behind Wendys.

Can anyone tell me whats going in there?  (Mar 15, 2016 | post #1)

Monticello, KY

Old Raceway Building

I herd something kinda like this. I did hear that it was going to be a KFC but that it would be built into the gas station kinda like the how subway was. The gas station was going to be called Pilot or Pilot J. I was hoping for a speedway but that is how it goes.  (Oct 28, 2015 | post #11)

Monticello, KY

did the bridge fall

SO what bridge are we talking about?  (Mar 23, 2015 | post #3)

Monticello, KY

BP gas station don't get gas

I will tell you what I have herd. I am not saying this is the truth. I am saying this is what I was told and also part of a few storys going around woodmark. I was told that the gas up there was 100% ethanol. It was suppose to be clogging up car motors left and right and that there was a line up and down 90 Someone even said that there was a guy who was coming home from buying a brand new 2015 truck and that he went over the counter on them.. Now remember that this is just what I have herd from stories going around Woodmark.  (Mar 3, 2015 | post #5)

Monticello, KY

Not all Nascar on Tv now

Hello my people. I am writing you to let you know about a let down. So nascar will still be on Fox but now half the season will be on NBC once again. Well will only get to see like 7 races or so then. NBC has moved it from NBC over to NBCSN. We wont even get to see the Kentucky race. So unless the cable system here adds NBCSN then were outta luck. I encourage you all to go and let CTS know that we are rednecks and we want out Nascar.  (Dec 16, 2014 | post #1)

Monticello, KY

What about Ferguson now?

I will tell you this. If O Riley auto parts wants to rebuild in a new town, they will welcome here with open arms. We already got 3 parts houses here already but We will take the jobs that comes with the store moving here.  (Dec 4, 2014 | post #9)

Monticello, KY

Cave-in at our local walmart

I am just going remind people what happen in bowling green that day. I do think that the public should know since we all do seem to park there for the 2 minuets it takes us to find our items and then the 30 minuets it takes to stand in line.  (Oct 26, 2014 | post #9)

Monticello, KY

monticello gas prices!

HEy guys,, Has anyone else seen that tv add about the voteing on the 63 million dollar gas tax?  (Oct 21, 2014 | post #13)

Monticello, KY

Campaign promises

I spent about 10 minuets taking to about 7 of them over the past weeks since I made this post. I have herd some interesting things over the past weeks. I am pretty sure at least 3 of them was able to shake my hand while smiling at me and lieing to my face. That is a good politician. I wonder why Z93 didn't to any radio debates this year.  (Oct 19, 2014 | post #5)

Monticello, KY

Campaign promises

Do you think they will keep there campaign promises? I dont think so. I was reading this and that and adds put in the paper and stuff that different people posted around town. One of the guys running for office said they wanted to bring in a new pizza place. That would be awesome. I would a Papa Johns but not a Little Caesars. What will come of this and come of that and this and that being the stuff that the politicians promise you and then speak against 30 seconds later to the next person in line.  (Oct 5, 2014 | post #1)

Monticello, KY

Will Anyone Be Indicted?

I will say this once. This is my honest opinion of it. Take it or leave it but I will discus it with you if you want. No they wont. Give up on it, by that I mean give up on anyone being punished... The powers that be got money put in there pockets and there was probably the promise of a political favor. As long as the people in power get cash in there pockets then screw the little guy. It has been that way since the beginning of rule and will be that way for long after we are gone. The only way I can see anything happening would be if we had a mass gathering protest in the streets with media coverage like that do in towns far off from here.  (Aug 29, 2014 | post #12)

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