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Aug 5, 2012

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Q & A with Hector D


American, Proud, tried & true


2nd star on the right...


My Ranch

Local Favorites:

Alcohol, weed, and sleeping

I Belong To:

A proud group of real men

When I'm Not on Topix:

In my pool

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I danced with demons and won.....

I'm Listening To:

life going by so fast

Read This Book:

The Emperor wears no clothes

Favorite Things:

My wife breathing softly as she sleeps. I don't sleep, so I have lots of waking moments at night.

On My Mind:

I'm so happy and extremely proud my son is home safe and intact. He's a bigger man than I.

I Believe In:

America. Freedom, life, love and the need to secure our borders from illegal entry, both north and south. Rascism sucks, and I wish our government would re-legalize marijuana for it's wonderful medical property's. It's natures way of fixing us. Read the book before mentioned.