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Nov 7, 2010

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tesco in mablethorpe

Hi Sarah I respect your feelings on this matter, but how can you actually kill the town with a tesco. When already the the town is slowing dying from a lack of direction and job oppertunities for the area. I have a young nephew, my family and I know that he will have to move out of this area to have a better chance of working. Its a sad state of affices, when the younger people of mablethorpe are staved of oppprtunies to remain in this area, fair enough a few do remain in the area. I just feel we should all remain open minded to what is happening to the area now. I would never descirbe myself as shallow minded, as I do support small retailers as a customer. But times are changing and we need to move with the times. is now widely used in the area, so if you think of it, tesco is already operating in the area now, anyway. If their was a Tesco built in mablethorpe now, I would stop shopping online for my weekly shop and go there. Then i would even start to visit the shops more in mablethorpe then I am normal able to. I know we are not going to agree on this one, but I do respect your stand on this matter  (Nov 8, 2010 | post #21)