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Oct 30, 2013

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Cabot, AR

Hwy 107 and 89

More like a DG doldo  (Tuesday Sep 19 | post #7)

Cabot, AR

Massage girl

Dat Denton the lieyer?  (Tuesday Sep 19 | post #2)

Greers Ferry, AR


Depends on who the opposing counsel is, who the judge is, and the "mood." Your case details come in last, sorry.  (Friday Sep 15 | post #9)

Greers Ferry, AR


I feel sorry for you...whether your a man or woman, the "best" may be your "worst" depending upon who the attorney is on the other side AND who the judge is. From my experience, the relationship of those three players is what "Justice " is based on. Furthermore, they can be lazy, ignore facts, believe lies without proof, it was a sick joke. I still cannot believe this is the system that we have in this country . I swear complete strangers could do a better job that have no knowledge of law. Best of luck.  (Monday Sep 4 | post #2)

El Paso, AR

I need a ride

My car has broke down at el paso and i need a ride to hwy 5 and 89 in cabot. Not much for hitchhiking at night so if theres any sane people willing to drive me from here to there, i will pay you. Im in a dark green taurus at the gas station with the mcdonalds.  (Jul 28, 2017 | post #1)

Cabot, AR

Fidget spinners

Where are they in cabot? Wal-Mart sold out...ty  (May 21, 2017 | post #1)

Diana, TX

Private investigator

A private investigator..  (Nov 6, 2013 | post #2)

Diana, TX

Private investigator

I need one to locate someone. Any in town?  (Nov 6, 2013 | post #1)