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Mar 5, 2012

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Surprised! There IS a Cure for Eczema?!

I've been suffering for eczema for over 4 years now but recently it's about 90% gone. I'm kind of shocked. The secret: herbal medication. My acupuncturist actually recommended it. He's actually a GENUINE Asian acupuncturist that studied the traditional thousands of years history acupuncture, not the rip-off version of so called "acupuncturis ts" in America. I was so excited about the result that I've offered to help him get the word out to my fellow eczema sufferers. He was hesitant about selling it, because he never did so before outside his clinic, so I persuaded him to try giving out samples to my friends for free in exchange for feedback. Mind you, these are herbal- totally safe, without the nasty side effects and is a cure, not a temporary relief. So I've brought a couple of sample packs with me- if you want to try it out for yourself and wouldn't mind providing a genuine feedback, message me and I'll set you up.  (Mar 5, 2012 | post #1)