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Oct 17, 2007

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Overshadowing Katyn Massacre Commemoration, a Tragic Plan...

A massive shock for sure. Mass death at that time and that place. A shock for Poland. A shock for Russia. The years have been stretched out and painted grey for what seems like much longer than the 70 years since the political killings happened. Are today's politicians capable of being shocked out of this malaise? We'll see ...  (Apr 10, 2010 | post #3)

Native Americans relate to Holocaust survivor's experiences

I guess most Christians just survived the hell and got on with their lives as best they could when lumbered with 40 years of Soviet communism. As far as Jew perceptions go, much of it is horribly distorted especially about Poland and the Poles. Many young Jews such as yourself have been conditioned to react negatively to the Poles due to the wrongly held supposition that the death camps were part of what was Poland and the Poles. This is due to a simplstic view of history and geography and a criminal attempt to smear the Poles by many who know better but prefer to smear anyway. This UK newspaper article printed today is an interesting read and what I say into a modern context. http://www.guardia ree/2009/oct/12/st ephen-fry-auschwit z-poland  (Oct 12, 2009 | post #22)

Native Americans relate to Holocaust survivor's experiences

No worries Kasey, we all come and go that's the beauty of life - until we disappear for that last time. I must say a was a touch sarcastic there - not really to you but related to the whole thing promotional thing that happens around the holocaust. Sure it was a bad thing, but when you have endless repetition of the same thing, much of it in snappy sound bites and much of it forgetting the context what you get is not truth but a huge distortion of it. A little like brainwashing on a mass scale. But anyway, I'm glad your still around and seem to be doing OK :-)  (Oct 12, 2009 | post #21)

Scientists say they have proved climate change is real, n...

Time may linger for a while, but never stays still. Not in our world!  (Aug 14, 2009 | post #6346)

Poland's international commuters

LMAO! Well done Gibo, that was good advice Pesky gave you! I hate anonymous cowards on Topix who back-stab then run away into safe anonymity. Personally speaking I would only allow registered inmates onto Topix, so this I consider a battle won. Honesty achieved through trial and tribulation. Anyways - I'm so impressed that I dedicate my post #6000 to you. The one and only Gibo. Applause, applause, applause!  (Feb 28, 2009 | post #46)

Was Polish General Sikorski assassinated? .uk/1/hi/world/eur ope/7858923.stm WARSAW, Poland -- Forensic tests have turned up no evidence that Poland's exiled World War II leader was murdered before his plane crashed into the sea, according to experts probing a death that spawned decades of conspiracy theories. Investigators said Thursday that it remains possible that the plane carrying Gen. Wladyslaw Sikorski - the leader of occupied Poland's government in exile - was sabotaged before it plunged into the sea 16 seconds after taking off from a British military base in Gibraltar on July 4, 1943. Polish authorities exhumed Sikorski's body in November in an attempt to determine whether he died in an accident or was murdered. Speaking on behalf of a team of court medical experts, Tomasz Konopka said Sikorski died from multiple organ trauma. Sikorski suffered several broken ribs, broken bones in his arms and legs, a damaged spine and eye-socket, among others. "Such injuries are typical of transport accidents or falls from great height," Konopka said at a televised news conference in the southern city of Krakow. He said there were no signs Sikorski had been poisoned, shot or suffocated prior to the accident. Prosecutors from the Institute of National Remembrance, which investigates World War II-era crimes, said the test results allow them to turn their attention to the causes of the plane crash. "We can rule out certain hypotheses that have turned up over the years," said Ewa Koj, a prosecutor with the institute. "We can now focus on whether the plane crash was the result of equipment failure on its own or whether there was sabotage." Sikorski headed the Polish government-in-exil e beginning in 1939, when Poland was occupied by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Historians who favor the assassination theory say Sikorski had become a thorn in the side of both the British authorities and the Soviets because of his strong defense of Polish interests. Three months before his death, he demanded an International Red Cross investigation into the so-called Katyn massacre of thousands of Polish officers captured by Soviet forces at the start of the war. Soviet leaders were angered by Sikorski's demands, and Britain felt good relations with the Kremlin were more important to the war effort than investigating the Polish tragedy.  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #1)

Dell seeks refuge in Poland as crisis bites

I agree with you about the Jews and I understand the Jews and the dumb goy better than you think. Poland has dealt with the Jews for far longer than America, and the Poles understand Jews inside out. However, Poles have the decency to stay honest to what is right and fair. Jews may laugh at codes of honour, but it is they which have kept our societies whole for such a long time. Our word is our bond, a Jew requires a string of laws and regulations and a signed contract. It is that difference which pervades our whole society. In the last 20 or so years, the Jewish ways have dominated business. Especially in the English speaking countries where the Goys are particularly dumb in that they have little historical experience of the Jews. The credit culture has been forced down their necks, reinforced by the TeeeVeeeee. The banks have been slightly regulated, a remnant of the Christian culture, but were exploited by the greed of the Jewish culture. That in a phrase or two has been the cause of the Global Crisis/depression which we are now facing. I find it so funny to watch. And I can imagine many a hedge fund manager laughing his head of at the Friday dinner. However, there have always been situations arise which rectify these wrongs in quite a brutal fashion. The Goy may seem stupid, but is not. To hold his sense of fair lay against him has always been a source of hatred. And the greedy end of the Jewish spectrum had better be careful. Their abuses have always resulted in the ordinary Jews getting it in the head. As for turning the other cheek, that is a philosophical position. Those words cannot be interpreted in a fundamentalist way as can the hundreds of laws of Judaism. Turn the other cheek essentially is saying that you calm down the situation, that it is not usually beneficial to seek instant revenge. It is the start of a dialogue. As for the Poles fighting for our freedom, and your freedom ... that is all about a lack of selfishness, seeing the greater good. In a dumbed down world where cartoon figures dominate the TeeeVeee screens, it may not be cool to not be seen as being looking after number one. But the first is all about real life, the second is all about promoting an attitude of consumption and spending to keep our bankers in the money. The use of image is a great way of keeping the Goy dumb and useful. The meek shall inherit the Earth is a real interesting one. This of course does not mean the physical earth. However, Judaism does not recognize a spiritual existence beyond death, so for the Jew the sole driver is to make himself wealthy in the here and now. And the better ones try to pass this wealth on to their family and their race. Race is important to the Jews, the Goys have this funny idea of all being equal in the eyes of God, and so try to help all. Especially the poor Jews with endless donations in money, arms and blood to those great allies of the USA, the brave Israelis fighting the great and glorious battle against Terror! S'funny. It's just unbelievable how pliable the Goy's generosity is. But don't be too worried about the Poles being too nice. What needs to be done will be done. But it wont be according to the laws of ZOD, but in accordance with the Polish Way, the way it's always been. .... and don't worry about the Jews. We have our eyes on our Semitic friends and ZOD will bow his head.  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #26)

Polish Women

Listen you Hun bastard, the Slovak language is very similar to Polish, and compared to your barking and howling it's absolute poetry. Now either you're going to stay on topic, or you [email protected] off from here you ape-shit thick moron.  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #111)

No sign Poland's Wwii PM was killed before crash

Okay, so we move on to investigate the evidence that the plane was tampered with prior to departure. There is much speculation, some evidence and lots of motive supporting the theory that Polish General Sikorski was eliminated by sabotage. This article is better than most others which are written in the tone that the medical investigation showed no bodily evidence of murder so the case is closed. That is a red herring when death was caused by a plane crash in normal conditions. It does suggest that many in the media today would also prefer the possible truth not to be revealed. This is understandable as the fate of the whole of central Europe between 1945 - 1989 could well have hinged on this man staying alive in 1943. This is most certainly not a closed case. This is just a prologue to the investigation proper.  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #1)

Holocaust Day today

Sure ... his precious Jews are God's chosen people so if they decide to take the Palestinians land by force and cut off all food to them that is okay. But don't you dare say anything against them, that would be ... wait for it ...anti-semitic. Not racist like killing a few abos or wogs, that's okay and perfectly acceptable, but oh no dont dare say anything against the Jews because that antisemitic and different cos they're different. Their shit is special shit, dont smell like goy shit. LOL!!  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #16)


Hehehe ... that's why women should be scrubbing the floor and doing the dishes! Give 'em an inch and they take a yard, and give you an ear ache an' all!! LOL!! just jokin' :)  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #3)

Obama offer peace to Muslims

I agree with you. The killing part is purely down to a conflict of Egos. By the Ego I mean the greedy animalistic part of everyone which is in constant conflict with man's better nature. I can recommend you a book if you want. As for left and right wing politics, in the present climate these are confusing terms. The likes of the neocons for examples use right wing sounding ideas, but in reality are nothing more or less than mutated communists. These are terms as well as favourites like anti-semitic, nazi and the rest which have been over used by the PC brigade and have lost all meaning.  (Jan 29, 2009 | post #22)

Hiding Lizard In Broccoli (Photo), Finds New Home

... yeah, I'd love to own me a pet lizard. I could sit there with it and feed it worms and things.  (Jan 28, 2009 | post #11)

Poland's president compares Russia's conflict with Ukrain...

... hehehe ... I was going to say we'll have to shove those nukes up their asses then Chrobry .... but I wont, I'll just say we'll have to work on the Chekist mentality that is still running the show, and teach them more democratic ways :)  (Jan 28, 2009 | post #2)

Dell seeks refuge in Poland as crisis bites

me not be  (Jan 28, 2009 | post #23)

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