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Jun 30, 2011

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Utica, NY

james bray paving

I have personally not had a problem so maybe you all should stop your whining like you are children  (Dec 17, 2011 | post #127)

Newport, NY

James bray paving gets caught touching his own kids

How about you all grow the f*** up? Do you know the family personally? Then shut the f*** up because you have no idea. Instead of gossiping about it, make sure you have facts to go off your dumba** opinion. It's because of people like you that make other people go on homicidal sprees, just saying.  (Dec 17, 2011 | post #6)

Newport, NY

Newport Plowing

Are you really that f*cking stupid? Have you driven a plow truck? Do you know how hard it is to keep the roads cleaned off so a$$hole drivers like you can get from place to place? I didn't think so. Maybe you should have to work and see what it's like to be behind the wheel because guaranteed you would shit yourself at the conditions that they have to drive on. They keep the roads as clean as possible, but it's a little hard to do when the snow comes down in feet instead of flurries. You don't know how time-consuming that shit is, and being the daughter of one of the drivers, I suggest you shut your mouth because I don't get to see my dad because he has to keep the roads open for assholes like you. so until you can walk the walk, don't talk the talk.  (Jul 1, 2011 | post #6)