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Jan 12, 2008

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Corning, AR

parkview restaurant

I dont care if you want to here my comments and opinions. I will post them if i please. And it is at night when i post. Dont worry about me, ok? But so you know, i do work. ...probably harder than you do. But then again.. dont worry about me. I dont post on every topic, just the ones that i have something to say about. You dont want to hear what i have to say, dont get on here. I hardly ever say anything bad to or about anyone. So i am really causing no harm. If anyone needs to stay off of here its you. So do as you say and stay off of here. Cause i sure as heck dont want to here what sh*t stir has to say.  (Aug 1, 2008 | post #104)

Corning, AR


Hannah Roark  (Jul 31, 2008 | post #15)

Corning, AR


Ok this needs to be deleted. She does nothing but the same that all of us do. We get on here and we state our opinions. I have never seen anything wrong typed by her. She says what she thinks and she puts her name. Thats more than you can say for most people on here. I dont always agree with everything hannah says but thats because we are 2 different people. I respect her opinions. And can see why she says what she does. I have a lot of respect for her because i have known her for a long time and know her very well. I also have respect for her because she does put her name. Besides me and her, look at this topic! Whoever started this about her did not even have the guts to put their name. We are the only ones who did. I think if dont like what she says, move on. But respect her for doing what you dont!  (Jul 31, 2008 | post #12)

Corning, AR

what do you think of logan rockwell

i had no idea about any of this.  (Jul 28, 2008 | post #12)

Corning, AR

what really makes you mad?

Well since it bothers you so much .. i wont say another word about it. I did not say it for it to be taken seriously. If you look at my 1st post youwill see that. sorry if i offended you. My goodness!  (Jul 28, 2008 | post #44)

Corning, AR

what do you think of logan rockwell

I use to be best friends with logan rockwell. I havent seen him or been around him in a long time. But i always really liked him. Cant say the same about his other half but i think he is a good guy. I think he would help anyone. And the deal about the money.... he took a chance with his busieness. People have to take chances... sometimes you succeed, and other times you fail. I know that i dont like to be owed money especially amounts of money like that. But i think if he could pay you he would. What i hate more than being owed money is owing money. Logan Rockwell is alright. I bet you 100 bucks that if you needed something he would do the best he could to give it to you. He dissappointed me one time.. but for as long as we have been friends it was bound to happen sooner or later.  (Jul 27, 2008 | post #6)

Corning, AR

what really makes you mad?

Oh i am sorry.. most of the men i see.. hold the slow sign.. which makes me laugh!!! Men .. slow...?? I thought the sign should say i am slow! I was just saying it because it does say men working. And there are women that work out there. Dont pick everything apart. Kay.. it was mostly a joke.  (Jul 27, 2008 | post #42)

Corning, AR

what is the proplem with this town

Its Holly Bland.. none of the others.  (Jul 22, 2008 | post #38)

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