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Aug 4, 2010


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Webster City, IA

No jail time for Messerly

How does that work???? People go to Jail for stealing GAS!!!! or whatever else it may be! This knucklehead steals 260k and he gets probation???? I wonder who was paid off in this decision. The State needs to look into this. The people need to speak up about this!! C'mon people, wake up !!  (Aug 4, 2010 | post #1)

Webster City, IA

Immigration - Webster City, IA

QUOTE who="Brad Turner"]WHAT PART OF ILLEAGLE DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND! Arizona is only ENFORCING FEDERAL LAWS THAT ALREADY EXIST. HELLO[/QUOTE] Brad,,,, you first have to be able to spell "illegal ". Secondly, I will bet you are still trying to bed down anything that moves, so all the more "ILLEAGLES " for you ! I had a putt the other day for a 3 on a par 5,,,,, but then I realized I was feeling sick, so it would have been an ILLEAGLE! LOL!!!! you are still short !  (Aug 4, 2010 | post #6)