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Nov 4, 2013

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Avoid Christmas fraud, The Corliss Technology Review Group

Online retailers are wishing themselves a Snappy Christmas, with predictions this will be their best year yet. However, with the online boom comes the threat of internet scams. More Australians shop on their mobile phones than any other market place and this Sunday our online shopping is tipped to have its biggest day ever. Credit cards that won't ruin Christmas EBay reckon they will see almost two-and-a-half million people come into their site to source Christmas gifts – and over half of those people will be on their mobile phone. That figure is up to 30 per cent on last year’s total. While there remains worries over online shopping – such as the worry of not receiving your gift in time – for the time poor and those wishing to avoid trudging through shops, it can be more than welcome. The online boom has prompted a warning, though. While many business websites look professional and trustworthy, they are not always what they seem. Rod Stowe of fair trading said: “Web sites that show bad English, grammatical errors - often that is a good indication of a scam-type site." For the disorganized, surveys show a quarter of people buy their gifts on Christmas Eve - four per cent of them at a service station on Christmas day and eight per cent regift last year’s present. Whatever you decide, remember there are only 21 days left.  (Dec 21, 2013 | post #1)

Revenue down in Q2 2013 while Worldwide Server Shipments Up

Source: http://thecorlissr g/2013/10/25/reven ue-down-in-q2-2013 -while-worldwide-s erver-shipments-up / IBM leads the worldwide server market in Q2 2013, claiming a 25.6 percent share with a revenue of $3.156 billion USD, Gartner reports. As per the same quarter in 2012, that number is actually down 9.7 percent from a 27.2 percent market share and revenue of $3.496 billion USD. Both HP and Oracle saw a decline year-over-year while Dell, Cisco, and another of others saw growth. Whereas the general server market revenue drops to 3.8% in the second quarter, worldwide server shipments actually elevated 4 percent year-over-year. Inspur Electronics saw the most shipments, up 211.8 percent with 20,960 shipments in 2012 and 65,350 shipments in 2013. Only with distant second, Cisco came next with a 58.5 percent increase year-over-year then followed by “others” (14.4 percent) and Dell (1.7 percent). IBM shipments fell 8 percent year-over-year and HP dropped 13.6 percent. Despite HP’s drop in server shipments, the company remained the worldwide market leader in Q2 2013 with a 23.9 percent market share and 586,857 shipments. Dell with a 22.4 market share came in at a close second followed by IBM (8.5 percent), Cisco (3.2), and Inspur Electronics (2.7 percent). According to Gartner reports that Inspurentered the top five thanks to a significant High-performance Computing (HPC) deal that it won in its native China during the quarter. “In terms of server form factors, x86 blade servers declined by 3 percent in shipments and 4.5 percent in revenue for the quarter,” the firm said. “The x86 rack-optimized form factor climbed 3.9 percent in shipments and 2.4 percent in revenue for the second quarter.“ Read more: http://thecorlissr  (Nov 4, 2013 | post #1)