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Sep 9, 2008

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The word 'Allah' is mentioned in Hindu scriptures!

Just take the account of Hindus who killed Muslims and Christians in Gujarat and Orissa respectively.... This figures are nothing infront of that... Murders in Gujarat by Hindutva terrorists: Women: 1000 Children: 700 (Including an unborn fetus) Young and old: 1300 Wounded: 15,000 (Including small children) Women raped: 2500 It is official account as the real account is 2 times bigger than this. Orissa Total murders: 60 (Official account) Rapes : 500 including the nuns. Orissa would have been another Gujarat if the thick forests in the state didn't help the Christian women and Children hide. This terrorist Hindu woman is none but a RSS bigot!  (Nov 23, 2008 | post #180)

Zakir Naik Islamic Channel India insults and ridicules Hi...

Today Muslims are growing every where in the world ...especially in the west despite exessive anti-Muslim propoganda.It should be noted that the family member of 9/11 victim, Angelina Collins had converted to Islam after 3 months of the attack.Each year around 20,000 Americans are reverting to Islam.Not because of Muslims but Qur'an and the life of prophet.They have a very negative impression on Islam which is spread by the media but when they read Qur'an and know the message of Islam, whole their heart melts to know that the religion is wrongly portrayed. We Muslims dont have to be proud about it as we dont do our job; spreading true message of Islam. Today Muslims are on a big challenge from its enemies but we Muslims dont feel panic and dominated as true will always prevail and Islam will grow till end of this world. Allah(swt) says in the Qur'an that let them plan whatever but Allah(swt) is the best planner.  (Nov 23, 2008 | post #1496)

The word 'Allah' is mentioned in Hindu scriptures!

Did Hindu Population Decrease to 3% in Pakistan? Hindu extremists claim that hindu population in pakistan decreased from 30% in post partition days to 3% today. They take it as an genuine reason to access license to spread hatred against muslims and kill them. Lets analyse this issue step by step and find out the truth: The Hindu population in West Pakistan, that is today Pakistan, was 20% in 1941. That came down to 1.5% in 1951 .http://www.newind sp?ID=IEH200205311 44657&P=old According to the 1951 census, the population of west Pakistan was 33,816,000 or better 33.8 million https://secure.wik ia/en/wiki/Demogra phics_of_pakistan Around 6.5 million Muslims came into Pakistan while 5.4 Hindus left it. Therefore there was an addition of approximately 6.5-1.1=1.1 million people in the Pakistan population so we can assume that before the partition it was 33.8-1.1= 32.7 million. http://ksghome.har papers/The%20Big%2 0March%20December% 202005.pdf(Look through Page 8 of the above pdf link) Assuming the percentage of Hindus continued to remain 20% till 1947, their numbers before partition would have been 20/100 * 32.7= 6.54 million Hindus.Since we have established that 5.4 million Hindus left during the partition. 6.54-5.4=1.14 million Hindus were left behind. Using the same PDF link, we can estimate that around half a million Hindus were killed during parition riots therefore the net population of Hindus would have been 1.14-0.50= 0.64 million.So basically the percentage they now formed was 0.64/33.8 * 100= 1.89% So the truth is, inspite of continous migration of pakistani hindus to dubai and other arab countries, their number has actual raised from 1.89% to 3%.  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #144)

The word 'Allah' is mentioned in Hindu scriptures!

It is a sheer can not see this news anywhere except in Hindutva websites or is stupidity to say that there were 12-14% Hindus were in Pakistan... There was no mass slaughter of Hindus in Pakistan reported by any Media in the world after independence or let's ignore this lie spread by these assailants!  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #143)

Hinduism is broad...pave way for Lesbian knot.

The one on the right side who seems to be fondling his own shaft!  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #184)

"Women oppression in islam"-Vikram

Hindus raped 800 women in Gujarat alone..and killed almost 2500 innocent women and children after raping them infront of their parents...even ripped a pregnant woman's womb.......2002 Hindus killed around 60 Christians in Orissa and raped many girls and nuns when everybody watch! 2008.... Before that somany riots...rapes....m urders.....all by Hindutva criminals agianst Muslims and Christians in India.. Today we know, they have planted somany bombs and killed somany innocent Indians for leaving Hindus and Muslims fighting eachother.....this is so called neo-Hinduists....l iers...traitors..a nd after all rapists and murderers! These Hindu terrorists are talking about terrorism!  (Nov 15, 2008 | post #58)