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Jan 30, 2009

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Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The history of gourmet coffee in Costa Rica and its relat...

5,005 quintals of coffee has been shipment that's great.That why costa's coffee is so famous.I love to have every morning. [url= sta-rica.aspx]Cost a Rica Marinas[/url]  (Mar 3, 2009 | post #2)

Direct Mail

Increase your ROI by Direct Mail Services

[url=]Di rect marketing[/url] through email is comparitively new compared to direct marketing through mail services. Although it is more cost effective to invest in email marketing, the chances of it ending in your target customer's spam is ninety nine percent. This results in more chances of increasing your ROI by using direct mail services like coupons, brochures, special schemes sent to your customer in a personalized mail insert! Biggest advantage of [url=]di rect mail marketing[/url] is that it attempts to send its messages directly to consumers without the use of intervening media. This involves blended commercial communication though brochures and coupons sent through direct mail and new schemes sent through e-mail and website as well as telemarketing to customers or small businesses. The second characteristic is that it is focused on driving purchases that can be attributed to a specific "call-to-acti on." This aspect of direct marketing involves an emphasis on trackable, measurable positive (but not negative) responses from consumers (known simply as "response " in the industry) regardless of medium. Direct mail permits the marketer to design marketing pieces in many different formats. Indeed, there is an entire sub-sector of the industry that produces specialized papers, printing, envelopes, and other materials for [url=]di rect mail marketing[/url]. Direct mail inserts allows for efficient use of advertising dollars, is highly selective, targeted and personalized. Direct mail inserts are flexible, and if you use professional services you can get high quality reproduction and the response is easily trackable. According to a survey " 87% of consumers are either "very" or "quite" satisfied with the free or special scheme coupons they receive through direct mail insert services" Advantages for marketers for direct mail insert services include the following: * Targeting - Historically the most important aspect of direct mail was its ability to precisely target previous customers. If a suitable list was available, it could do a good job of targeting prospects. * Personalization - Direct mail can address the customer personally and be tailored to their needs based on previous transactions and gathered data. * Optimization - Because of its direct accountability, direct mail can be tested to find the best list, the best offer, the best timing, etc. Then the winning tests can be rolled out to a wider audience for optimal results. * Analysis - The bulk mailing is large enough to allow statistical analyses. For example, the results can be analysed to see in detail the performance of individual offers in a squinch report which shows sales per square inch. With suitable media or source codes, the performance of lists can be captured. These enable better selection of offers and lists for future mailings. *Accumulation - Responses (and non-responses) can be added to the database, allowing future mailings to be better targeted.  (Feb 9, 2009 | post #1)


This and That

ESP is dedicated to saving you both time and money by combining the expertise of our print shop with the quality of our http://[www.espdir mailing services]. Our print on demand and full range of mail services relieve you of some of the more tedious but important functions of running your business. Using our print and http://[www.espdir mail services]will help you save costs and our professional direct mail will permit you to use many different formats of direct mail services like catalogs, self-mailers, clear bag packages, post cards, envelope mailers, snap mailers, dimensional mailers or 'intelligent' documents. ESP direct mail services for your business include the following; 1. Carrier Routed Sequence Occupant Lists for lowest mailing rate nationwide. 2. Special selections for single family or multiple dwellings by street, range, house number or percentage of route. 3. Automated Processing 4. Inkjet Addressing 5. Folding 6. Inserting 7. Sealing 8. Collating 9. Cheshire Labeling 10. Metering 11. Stamp Application 12. Tabbing 13. Fulfillment 14. Matching 15. Packaging 16. Sorting ESP can help you personalize your direct marketing advertising mailers. Personalization of your http://[www.espdir direct mail advertising] attracts attention and respect! With variable information, each advertising piece can be tailored to the individual. The versatility of Laser printing is limited only by your imagination. When you really want to impress someone, our top-notch staff can help you leverage this powerful advertising tool!  (Jan 30, 2009 | post #2963)