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Jun 9, 2009

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Pikeville, TN

killing on mill dam

current coverage as of 4 pm http://www.wrcbtv. com/story/15275901 /bledsoe-deputies- investigate-two-su spicious-deaths  (Aug 16, 2011 | post #9)

Pikeville, TN

killing on mill dam

Things like this should not happen to 2 such lovable ladies. My heart and prayers go to the family of Elizabeth and Billy Sue. Lets hope the investigation finds a quick and rapid conclusion! WHY...WHY..... WHY.....?  (Aug 16, 2011 | post #8)

Pikeville, TN

Scared to see what stock market will do on Monday

Still scared down 350 points in 1 and 1/2 hours!  (Aug 8, 2011 | post #12)

Top Stories - China

General Motors Helping to Design City of the ...

no money from GM should be used in other countries at no cost right now Did we not give them money to stay afloat just 2 years ago? WHAT THE HELL  (Aug 6, 2011 | post #3)

Pikeville, TN

Scared to see what stock market will do on Monday

On Friday, Standard and Poor's downgraded the United States Debt Rating to AA+ from AAA. This will result in higher interest rates/higher borrowing costs for consumers and businesses and it make it more expensive for the U.S. to borrow money. 401K's will certainly be affected. I dont see anything positive coming from this. The S&P stated the reason for changing the rating came from the use of the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip between the parties in Congress. The U.S. long-term credit forecast was also negative, but when the Bush tax cuts lapse, the debt dynamics should change enough to stabilize the long-term rate at AA+. All the news stations are trying to calm us over the weekend so we wont start pulling out our investments. Monday is certainly a day to watch the numbers rise or fall!  (Aug 6, 2011 | post #1)

Pikeville, TN

WARNING stock up now!

Iknew it...... I knew it was you!  (Jul 31, 2011 | post #40)

Pikeville, TN

WARNING stock up now!

China (now dont crap your pants) owns close to 1.2 trillion dollars in US debt. I am stocking up on clippers and blades which are made here in America. If you stock up on the things makes sure they are American goods if you find them.  (Jul 30, 2011 | post #3)

Pikeville, TN

Pledge to the rich needs to be let go while our economy i...

I agree with you wholeheartedly! But instead of an (A) it should read (TP) for the Tea Party members or followers. They got elected and came in and are freshmen at a time when our country and we need them to make decisions for decades to come!  (Jul 29, 2011 | post #14)

Pikeville, TN

Pledge to the rich needs to be let go while our economy i...

Big Liar (bowing at his feet) you have been missed! Your wisdom has no bounds. I want to be by your side when the raptu..... uh default falls upon us! May you be graced with an abundance of hair in places you DO want it! Harry  (Jul 28, 2011 | post #11)

Pikeville, TN

How Many Cheating Husbands in Pikeville?

I am single and wont cheat.... I am looking for a woman that shave my back and back side for me when ever i ask.... I can remain faithful forever to you if you can continue to do that till our dying days or the clippers get dull and I dont care any more. You ca have rotten toenails, dirty hair. I lost my sweet Carlitta cause she wanted me to go to the Rio Grande and pick up her family after thier swim to freedom on this side. I refused her and she left me to cross the border and wont come back. I did not cheat on her nor mistreat her. I just had the conviction that we should try to get them here legally and she would not accept that.. O h CARLITTA I am so sorry my chica! Please forgive me and come back before i replace you with someone else.  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #14)

Pikeville, TN

Pledge to the rich needs to be let go while our economy i...

Almost all of our Republican (R) members of our government have to be admired for their steadfast commitment to their pledge to the citizens that got them elected. This being to make sure that Bush Era tax cuts remain in place even though our country needs to have revenue to keep it going. Cuts have been proposed which really affect all especially the poor which include the cuts from Socail Security and Medicare. Cuts to Government programs should and will be sacrificed but sacrifice should come from both sides. The wealthy will remain wealthy even if their tax is increased or held in place this should be a fact. If they dont come to an agreement soon all will pay with the stock market taking notice like it did before President Bush left office and everyones investment money is decreased again. 401K and trust funds all took a hit the last time and still have not fully recovered their values. IF any of us did our job like our current members of the Senate and House we would have been long fired by now. These people need to have the (D) and (R) and (I) replaced by a universal (A) for American and put party promises aside. They all need to have their Congressional Pensions tranferred to the Socail Security Fund and then let them make decisions on what thier future will look like. They seem to be working in another dimension and making decisions in a dimension where things dont seem to be real and a wait and see game is being applied. IT will not effect thier dimension until they not elected and pass throw the reality wormhole and become subjects of the not so real dimension! Comments any one!  (Jul 25, 2011 | post #1)

Pikeville, TN

Ricky Seals Girlfriend

Ricky is a good guy and fit for any woman..... He shaved my back once and was really uncomfortable with it until it was time to shave his.... It was the last time cause he thought it was not manly to do this and it was a wife or girlfriends job to do. To bad many women out there would not do it for man. Go for it Ricky! I know how hard it is to find someone to care for your back side! I am still looking too. Oh Carlitta please some back to me!!!! My darling please I will come across the border and take your family too! Eduardo will have to stay since he is jail.  (Jul 23, 2011 | post #7)

Pikeville, TN

whats next for nasa and our exploration of space?

Although Congress is going after NASA's budget to help reduce the Nations deficit, what should be next for NASA and our efforts to explore the outer reaches of our planet?  (Jul 21, 2011 | post #1)

Pikeville, TN

county highway department

Try calling the county if that dont work then.....Circumvent the process.... call the state of Tennessee Department of Transportation...not the county! Tell them your problem and that is a dire need of mowing which is impeding the safety and protection of the public during the use of daily transportation and this regards ingress and egress of a state highway. Get a name of the person you are talking to and make sure you get them to spell it for you. It may take a few days but you will be sure the state will call the county and let them know there is problem. They will tell you to call the county but make sure you tell them it concerns the state road also. It is a COMPLAINT and you want an answer to it in a reasonable time. Believe me and email or direct phone call will be made within the next day. If someone is sitting on their ass they will get up off of it as they dont want to lose any state funding or chances at getting grants for the county. PUBLIC SAFETY is the issue especially if a state road is involved.  (Jul 20, 2011 | post #3)

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