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Oct 22, 2011

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Hartford City, IN

eddie norris pamela norris

do not rent from these 2 people unless you dont mind being ripped off they will fix your stuff it only took them 4 months to come and fix my hot water save all stubs because payments. these people will make you mail it to them with no reciepts maild back.not to mention that they will tel you one thing and do something totally is in your best intrest to find another house do not rent from 701 w elm st hartford city indiana.the landlords will screw you over not to mention the guy across the street will be in your window every time it is open true story i had my windows open one night and someone was actually at it looking in and when i noticed him he ran back tward the house across the street this is the same guy that said it is illegal to own a pitbull. if you do move here i feel sorry for you getting ripped off plus you get a peeping tom livin next to you o and as the neighbor said they are racist around here  (Oct 22, 2011 | post #1)

Hartford City, IN


if you want to move to hartford city i dont blame you it is a very good little town here in indiana but if you do move to hartford city watch out for bad landlords in paticular watch out for EDDIE NORRIS AND PAMELA NORRIS.these two are a joke i moved in back at the beginning of july and had no cold water for my washing machine and my hot water heater only put out a couple gallons of hot water at a time these problems are now fixed but they was not fixed until october 4 months people. and then to make it worse i sent in a money order to pay octobers rent and guess what it never got there though it is my fault for not saving the reciept to the money order.and then he takes me to court without me even knowing i had to be there so now he kicks a family of four out we got the paperwork on the 17th of october and we have to be out by the 26th of october if you moive here stay away from this landlord he will rip you off and thats a fact. DO NOT RENT FROM EDDIE NORRIS OR PAMELA NORRIS IF YOU VALUE A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE WITH UNDERSTANDING LANDLORDS  (Oct 22, 2011 | post #1)