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Sep 21, 2008

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Clarksville, TX

Attorney arrested on sexual assault charges

Rhonda is a life time RRC fixture. Opinionated, yes. A perverted freak? I don't believe it. However, she did find a sugar daddy with this scumbag trial atty who swam into town as a big shark in a small pond. flashing cash, he was an easy catch for her. Money changes everything, as they say, and if he got her into some weird sex deal as detailed in the accusations, i feel sorry for her. She may have felt lead to cover as her financial future was jeopardized. Also, he may be a great brainwasher as he is an atty. He may have assured her it was all legal. who knows, just opinion on my part. Guilty dogs tend to bark loudest, and they are sure trying to slander the DA every chance they get. As far as I can tell he has no vendetta or real history with this Lescher dude. Just looks like a maladaptive, desperate defense tactic. I hope not for Rhonda's sake. Lescher can go be a wife to some big bubba inmate in Huntsville for all I care. Never trust a trial attorney. they have their best interests at heart. "we only get paid if you win"..yeah around 50% of the settlement usually. venue change is good.  (Sep 21, 2008 | post #4634)

Clarksville, TX

Racism in Red River County

RRC is historically half black. dates back to the cotton days and will never change. have known many black folks there of true merit, kind hearts and souls. unfortunately, that generation has died. we now live in a 3rd generation welfare state where laziness is rewarded and motivation will only get you a pay cut if you do find a min. wage job. and I know, there are all ethnicities represented by the welfare state in Clarksville, so don't start screaming racism. I just speak my observations and that is that historically the town was largely, if not totally, white-run. generations ago the whites ran the square, and that trickled down to their heirs. during those same years, the blacks were homesitters, cooks, and raising children of the working class. they were incredibly generous, loving people who were not treated as second class citizens and did not perceive themselves as "slaves" . However, their grandchildren now seem to think they were abused, lynched, and generally shunned. It just isn't true. Yes, segregation was alive and well in Clarksville. There was a blacks only drinking fountain in CHS. But most of the white kids went home to their black nannies and cooks and were greeted as if they were family, and to many these fine folks were family. Fast forward to Y2k, and that idyllic time is now tarnished unfairly as the racist days of RRC. The blacks now don't seek employment because they were never encouraged to do so. At some point working in homes was discouraged as a system was now in place that rewarded you for not doing anything. LBJ introduced it, and it was a monster in waiting. So the skewed demographics of the work force in clarksville, and any town comparable in this area, don't surprise me. there is simply no incentive for minorities to seek a day job. I work with all races, and I can dispel sterotypes right and left based on personal experience. The best lady I work with currently is black and extremely proud of it, but would never use it as a stepladder to advancement or promotion. She earns it and her color has zero to do with it. Segregation was a bad thing. Arose from paranoia and a perceived inferiority of the black man. Sad times indeed, and I am not proud to think I had relatives who felt that way. But the point is I don't and we (whites) should not ever feel that way. It's a dangerous mindset that collectively can lead to horrendous things. Remember Germany circa 1939? Superiority perception and segregation led to the deaths of 11 million Jews. Clarksville is not unique, just a product of years of cultural evolution, or perhaps de-evolution as the case may be. All peoples of all colors should embrace their heritage and work hard to preserve it, yet also realize that without a coordinated effort of understanding and working together, there will be no happy tomorrow for any of our kids, grandkids, etc.  (Sep 21, 2008 | post #154)

Ice Hockey

Bill Maher Wants to Save Levi Johnston

sarah palin will be raising a 6th child in about a year, my prediction. God didn't join them in marriage. His hormones joined them at the groin, and out sprung a lovechild. these never work out, and if they do he winds up miserable and cheating or beating her. just have the kid and let him go if he wants. run, boy, run (not the obama campaign slogan).  (Sep 21, 2008 | post #124)

Beverly Hills, CA

UK news in brief

wow,a gay singer caught with crack?? usually he's caught in crack.  (Sep 21, 2008 | post #1)