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Jul 23, 2011

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Olympic Gymnastics

China takes gold for men's artistic gymnastics

The Chinese team of Feng Zhe, Zhang Chenglong, Zou Kai, Chen Yibing and Gou Weiyang finished well clear of the rest of the eight-team field with a winning total of 275.997 points. Japan and Britain end up being silver and bronze, respectively. Ukraine stays at the fourth place while the most fancied US team hasn't been able to recover and end up being on the fifth.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Olympic Soccer

Swiss Olympic team expels player for racist tweet

The word "racist" should not be taken literally. But it seems like the comment was just below the belt of South Korean Olympians. Well, Michel Morganella surely doesn't belong there. Send him home!  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Olympic Weightlifting

Kim Un Guk of DPR Korea takes gold in the men's 62kg Weig...

Kim Un Guk triumphed to win gold in style for DPR Korea in an exciting men's 62kg Weightlifting competition which saw Olympic and world weightlifting records tumble. The pre-competition build-up was dominated by talk of a duel between Kim and Chinese rival Zhang Jie, with the duo sparring for world titles over the last two years. But Zhang was pushed into fourth place as in-form Oscar Albeiro Figueroa Mosquera, from Columbia, took silver ahead of Indonesia's Irawan Eko Yuli on a lighter bodyweight after tying with their final totals.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Olympic Swimming

Ruta Meilutyte from Lithuania claims gold in the women's ...

Teenage star Ruta Meilutyte claimed a sensational gold medal for Lithuania in the women's 100m Breaststroke tonight. The 15-year-old led from start to finish to touch in 1:05.47 as she held off a fast-finishing Rebecca Soni, the Beijing silver medallist. Japan's Satomi Suzuki claimed the bronze.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Olympic Swimming

USA's Matt Grevers claims gold, set new Olympic Games record

USA's Matt Grevers set a new Olympic Games record as he claimed gold in the men's 100m Backstroke. Grevers clocked 52.16, with compatriot Nick Thoman (52.92) claiming the silver and Japan's Ryosuke Irie (52.97) bronze. Meanwhile, Ruta Meilutyte claimed a gold medal for Lithuania in the women's 100m Breaststroke. The 15-year-old led from start to finish to touch in 1:05.47 as she held off a fast-finishing Rebecca Soni, the Beijing silver medallist. Japan's Satomi Suzuki claimed the bronze.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Olympic Fencing

Ukraine's Yana Shemyakina takes gold in Fencing

Yana Shemyakina won Ukraine's first-ever Individual Fencing gold in the Epee at the ExCeL tonight. Shemyakina was up against Germany's 2008 champion Britta Heidemann in a final that went into a minute's extra time when they tied 8-8. And it was the former who achieved the decisive hit as the fight headed into the last 30 seconds. World number one Sun Yujie claimed the bronze after defeating Republic of Korea's Shin A Lam.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Olympic Judo

Russia's Mansur Isaev wins gold in the -73kg Judo

Russia's Mansur Isaev clinched gold after defeating Japan's Riki Nakaya in the final of the men's -73kg Judo competition.  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #1)

Summer Olympics

Saudi Arabia threaten to withdraw from Olympics

Does it mean that Saudi Arabians were not informed before they took off to London that their headscarf may be taken away during matches?  (Jul 30, 2012 | post #29)

Top Stories

Prove there's a god.

Science has proven that everything in this world is made of atoms (or shall we say quarks). And that is given. The human is no exemption; it is made of billions and billions of cells. A cell can still be broken into atoms. Haven't you wondered how a group of atoms forms into a cell, the cells form into a tissue, tissues form into an organ--like your brain--that you use everyday. atoms are all the same, but why are there atoms resembling animals, others resemble human beings, or non-living things. For sure nobody or nothing in this world that you see can group billions of atoms to make a dog, or a cat, or a baby. Somebody who is powerful enough gathers atoms to form you; without him, you are just like the atoms I flush in my toilet everyday. And that "somebody " I call God! Now, can you disprove the existence of atoms? In the first place, where do you do atoms came from? Someone has to think first before asking questions about the existence of God because just by thinking about the "non-existenc e" of God is a proof God "exist." In the first place, you gave you the thought of asking for proofs about the existence of God? Oh, let's say you don't believe in my God because you think you are a god to yourself, well, still there is God!  (Jul 24, 2011 | post #317407)