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Dec 9, 2008

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Cyprus supports Serbia’s Kosovo policy

Why the feck are you banging on about Bosnians? The majority of Cypriots DO NOT recognise independent Kosovo, nor does the government, which has declared - once again - that it will NEVER do so. That's a fact! As for Kosovo being Albanian; this is only in the minds of you Albanians. Nobody on this planet, except your kind perhaps, has ever seen a map supporting this, EVER. Another fact! You can be as belligerent as you like, you can not change these facts! My country also refuses to acknowledge a so-called independent Kosovo. Kosovo is Serbia!  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #14)

Who is the Biggest Hater of Serbs ?

It's tough to be around the people you don't like. Perhaps Prishtina should get out of Serbia and go back to his own country. Go back to Albania. Kosovo is Serbia!  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #34)

Cyprus supports Serbia’s Kosovo policy

Bullshit! And even if that were the case, what's your point? The "half-Turkish " Cyprus refuses to acknowledge an independent Kosovo. Kosovo is Serbia! Even while hijacked by a bunch of Albanians, Kosovo is Serbia!  (Jan 31, 2013 | post #6)

Serbs are Turks

What does this have to do with his being proud of the fact that women were raped???  (Jan 25, 2013 | post #2203)

Listen to me you whites in Africa, you are not Africans, ...

Again, what's with the abuse? This is the second time you've been insulting when someone has challenged your opinions. If you can't handle a debate, then you should rethink entering discussions. Perhaps this forum is not for you. How you inferred that I thought you were white is a compete mystery. Maybe you should reread my post. Otherwise perhaps the imbecile here is you?  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #20)

albanians shoot at woman ,what the fck

You sound like a terrorist at heart! I hope, for your sake, that you're just some ill-informed, poorly influenced, brainwashed kid; perhaps then there is a chance you'll grow up, shamefully come to your senses, and not be a burden on society.  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #4)

Serbs are Turks

This is idiotic! Ali the Turd, aren't you able to antagonise someone without making an ass of yourself? Not only do you say something beyond stupid - never mind untrue - but you don't seem ashamed that the Turks raped and pillaged people because they were of another religion. It's humourous, though not surprising, that Prishtina and "Co" jumped at this to poke fun at the Serbs. I mean, if anyone should be sensitive about being called a Turk, it should be the Albanians and other Muslims from the region.  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #2192)

Should Europe build Chinnese wall around Albanians ?

Only if it would help stunt the trafficking from and through Albania.  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #3)

Listen to me you whites in Africa, you are not Africans, ...

Ethio, I feel sorry for you. You can scream and rant and rave but the fact will never change that you indeed are of a race and that is called - the world over - black. Even if you asked a a black Frenchman, he would tell you that you are, of course, black. Ask a anyone in South Africa, Zimbabwe or Nigeria if you're black or white. What will they tell you? You're black! This is the reality of the world, like it or not! Anyway, it is a really insignificant thing to be caught up over. It's just a word, so what's your problem? Please don't tell me "it's a white man's word GRRRRR"! Big deal, the white man invented loads of words that all languages across the globe are using. I don't understand your problem. You say that Black Americans recognize and embrace their African heritage... well that's great. But they are still American. Take them to Africa; think they'll feel at home? Dream on! The reason being that they are, as already stated, American. The same is true of the Whites and Indians in Africa! This is the reality - Africa is their home, the only one they have!  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #16)

Listen to me you whites in Africa, you are not Africans, ...

If you come from a country in Europe, you're European. That's a fact. The same is true of the Americas, Africa and any continent. Deal with it. You're a black African. There are also white Africans. This is the reality even if you don't like it. Ask anyone is the world, they'll tell you are black - a fact of life. Get over it! Lots of atrocities have been committed by people - all people of all races - the word over. But people have also done great things, shown great acts of humanity; isn't that more important that harbouring on old sad stories that can never be changed?  (Jan 23, 2013 | post #12)

Why are Serbs ashamed of their Iranian origin

I believe I expressed quite eloquently why it would not be shameful to be Iranian. Did you, little one, trip on my words and get lost between the lines? Also, you're implying that I'd be offended by your ridiculous drool; just to be clear, I am not Serbian. I'm not Slavic, I'm not even from Europe.  (Jan 18, 2013 | post #71)

do whte women date black men in south africa?

I am so happy to read the positive posts here! The recurring themes are brilliant: people are free to love who they want; people shouldn't be limited; and race doesn't matter. Yes, these are the ideals we should be embracing! I live abroad so that I can do research for my studies, so, being homesick often, I'd try keep up to date with home affairs. Recently, though, I stopped reading the news online. It's beyond disheartening and, to be honest, I already know next week's news: elderly woman in ICU after rape; family dead after grisly farm attack; baby flushed down toilet; ANC official faces graft charges; etc. Adding to the weight of the heavy news, the comments left by readers invariably flare up a racially-focused "debate" , and mud-slinging begins. It seems South Africans can do very little without getting into a "race" feud. Knowing this, I tried to avoid this thread, but - THANKFULLY - I'm glad I went ahead. Thank you, smart open-minded people, for restoring some much-needed hope! One love!  (Jan 18, 2013 | post #198)

Are serbs racist people?

I've met so many Serbs from all over Serbia. I've also met numerous Serbs living abroad. Not one of them has ever expressed or displayed negative attitudes or behaviours towards other races. Also, having watched Serbs interact and form friendships with black people in Africa, I'd have to say that they are not racist. The same is true of the Bosnians I've met; I've never witnessed any racism from them. I did come across some racism from Croats in Croatia. But I've met so many nice Croats that I know these racists were exceptions. Also, they called themselves Ustasas and were clearly neo-nazis - need I say more?  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #74)

Why are serbs so ugly?seriously

Why should they be driven out? And to where?  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #20)

Listen to me you whites in Africa, you are not Africans, ...

Why so abusive? What's up with that?! This isn't a hate space - it' a forum for people to communicate and share. You seem more interested in disliking "Europeans " than your being labelled black. If you don't like white people, why aren't you back home in Africa? What are you doing in a white man's land? Perhaps that's your problem; you need to go home. Perhaps you'd have better patience, compassion and understanding if you were more in tune to Africa. The true Africans are gentle-hearted, good people!  (Jan 6, 2013 | post #9)