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Jul 25, 2012

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Carolina Beach, NC

Do You Like Asura in the Guild Wars 2?

Asura is the space with the smallest size in the Guild Wars 2. Totally different from other spaces, Asura may make you feel not being so powerful and strong. Hoever, Asura is a space which value knowledge more. Never look down upon them, or you will be taken down easily. I have played Asura in the BTE3 when it is available. I found it to be really flexible to kite or evade, especially the movement to jump back. Even though it is short and look so small in front of the monsters, it has strong power. What's more, it seems more easy for Asura to upgrade, and the chance to drop good weapons is much higher than other spaces. You may still feel hard to solo strong monsters and bosses, but it is fun to play as a small Asura if it is equiped with awesome [U][url=http://www .guildwars2powerle]Guild Wars 2 items[/url][/U]. You only need to farm [U][url=http://www .guildwars2powerle]Guild Wars 2 Gold[/url][/U] and exchange for awesome gears in the auction house or look for [U][url=http://www .guildwars2powerle]Guild Wars 2 power leveling[/url][/U] service to have someone else help you. Anyway, have fun playing as an Asura.  (Jul 25, 2012 | post #1)

Carolina Beach, NC

Holiday Spending - Carolina Beach, NC

I agree with what Rattan said. I want to spend lots of money on shopping. But I have no money this year. I will work hard, and do a lot of shopping later.  (Jul 25, 2012 | post #7)