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Dec 16, 2012

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Richlands, VA

Need SERIOUS Advice..!!!

Not as hard as you think it is? If a parent was so proud of their son all of his life, and thinks that his son is living for God and they pray together. Then the parent finds out that his son has been faking it and really doesn't believe in any of that, and thinks that the whole thing is just silly. Not to mention the parent would have to think that his son that he loves is going to go to "hell". It would completely destroy my father if he I told him, but I know he will find out eventually. It is not as easy as just telling him about it. It is a very hard situation to have to deal with. I just wanted to know if anyone else is going or has gone through this, and how they handled it.  (Dec 17, 2012 | post #7)

Richlands, VA

Need SERIOUS Advice..!!!

Thanks, I know what you mean about your grandmother trying to "scare" you into following the bible. In her mind, she is just trying to help...but little does she know she is actually not helping you in any way. I try to stay away from those situations because most of the time it just makes me resent that person. I also really don't like when Christians try to lecture me on the Bible, like I haven't read and studied it...probably more thorough than most.....I usually just make that person eat their own words and sound like an idiot lol..but whatever:) Personally, I don't believe in anything supernatural. No Gods, no afterlife, no anything. For me, that just makes the most sense. I'm just glad to know there are other people in this area dominated by Christianity that are like me.  (Dec 16, 2012 | post #3)

Richlands, VA

Need SERIOUS Advice..!!!

I need some serious advice on a topic that has haunted me for a long time. Here is my question: How do I tell my parents that I do not believe in their religion? I grew up in a strong christian family and believed in christian things all through my childhood and most of my teens, mostly because it was all I knew...that, and fear of going to "hell". Anyway, I started to question things about the religion..and ALL religions later on in my teens. I got scared of the fact that I was losing my faith, so I decided to do what I had never done before as a Christian...I read the Bible, cover to cover. It wasn't until then that I really came to the realization that this thing that I had been taught all through my childhood, that the Bible is the book that we should live our live by, was ridiculous and very immoral, and pretty sickening at times. Then I finally was able to break free from burden of believing in God. Life and been so much better and easier to cope with ever since. Everything makes sense now. Anyway, I am getting off track..... Here is my problem. I LOVE my parents and I do not want to hurt their feelings and I CERTAINLY don't want them to disown me..I honestly don't know what they will do:( I have basically been faking it when ever I am around them. Sometime I have to go to church with them and I just have to fake like I am actually in to it. Actually, not many people actually know my secret..except for my girlfriend, who shares the same ideals as me, except she was never raised as a Christian and never had to deal with explaining to people that you love that you do not believe in their God. Part of me feels like I should just fake it in front of my parents the rest of my life, so I don't have to hurt their feelings of thinking their son is going to Hell. I know I could get away with doing that...but I know there will be problems when I have children of my own and my parents are talking crazy Jesus stuff to my kid...meanwhile I don't want my kids to go though the same brainwashing that I had too. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. It sucks. Is there anyone else going through these same feelings? How did you do it? It is best to just live a lie with your parents instead of telling the truth, knowing that they will be happier with the lie? Please Help!  (Dec 16, 2012 | post #1)

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