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Apr 1, 2011

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Rossville, IL

Voters to weigh in on Rossville-Alvin reactivation

It seems to me that this issue has a lot to do with politics and money. Unless there is no question that the high school can sustain itself for many years to come, why do this now? Why was the choice for the referendum a binding one and not an advisory one? Board elections coming up, too? Economy is in the tanker, and kids are getting a lot of advantages (that they WILL not be given at a new RAHS per the BOE own documentation)at the other two schools they attend for high school (HAHS and BHHS. Supposedly, even the R-A kids going to BHHS voted in majority NOT to want to reactivate the school. I don't understand this whole agenda. It SOUNDS good to say it is for kids, but look at the whole is this upheaval, chancy at best...for the kids? Even the facts about the enrollment declining don't support any efforts to open a school that could very likely have to close for good in two years. Do taxpayers really think this won't affect them? I'd like to know how others think.  (Apr 2, 2011 | post #1)