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May 7, 2014

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Summer intern joins the Banner staff

Hi There! Would Charlene be interested in doing an interview with a Hollywood casting director, about the array of challenges we face as we search for a quiet, shy, 150-200+ lb kid from middle-america and try to bring him to the big screen? We are casting a feature film from the producers of Zero Dark Thirty and are we are doing a nationwide search for a boy this size, who has most likely never acted before. We think someone in your town knows a boy -- or knows someone who knows a boy who would love to star in this film. And, we'd love to talk to Charlene about doing an interview for the Duncan Banner and getting the word out. You can learn more about the movie at WeightlessAudition (dot) com  (May 14, 2014 | post #1)

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How do I find a boy, 8-12, 150-200++ lb for a lead role i...

I just got hired to work as an assistant for the Casting Director of Zero Dark Thirty. My first job is to find a boy, age 8-12, who weighs 150-200++ lb for the lead role in a feature film. I've tried calling some schools in Nevada (high obesity rate) directly. They often have someone, yet don't feel comfortable passing along the flyer to parents. (understandable) We've been getting some help from childrens hospitals, and they've sent a few kids. But, we really need to have at least 100 to choose from, since we are expecting to cast a boy who has never acted professionally before. And, he'll need to have the natural ability to carry a movie. (Not as hard as it sounds since he'll have a good supporting cast.) We've tried all the drama classes, but I guess kids that size aren't too fond of getting on a stage in front of people. We've gone through "the breakdowns" and all the agents across the USA have submitted their kids. (but, we are looking for a real kid, actual size, not padded up) Any tips on any schools , anywhere in the USA, where the principal would just go ahead and send the flyer home? Maybe a small town?  (May 7, 2014 | post #1)