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Mar 2, 2009

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EDITORIAL: It's time to give up fight against school unif...

I agree with you. Schools are the primary problem not the uniforms. This is just a very poor issue to be focused on. Before the students go rallying against school uniforms, why not think of other way to solve school problems, such as administration, student discipline and alike. School uniform is a lame issue to be put on fire. Thinking it deeply, school uniforms are not just merely about the school earning from it but it is actually a way to discipline students. Students who wear uniform must learn simplicity, humility and respect to authority. Following the school's requirement for school uniform trains the students to be good citizens. Also, wearing school uniforms give pride and identity to the school. School uniforms on the negative side is a financial burden. The school sometimes give unreasonable price for it. As a student, I am already in college yet, I am still required to wear uniform. This then, make the uniform issue big for me but I do not bother at alot because what I am more concerned with is the school system and education that I am paying for.  (Mar 2, 2009 | post #11)

Is Homework Helpful or Harmful?

Homeworks are part of lesson evaluation. It determines the level of student's understanding regarding a lesson. However, there are some teachers who abuse this idea by giving out loads of assignments that turns into burdens for the students. How does this happen? This occurs when the given homework (1) does not go along with the lesson objectives, (2) it becomes a punishment for a student, (3) the quantity of the assignment is not coherent to the time allotted for it, lastly, (4) there are instances, when homeworks are not checked properly or evaluated to help the students. As a current student, I am not opposing the idea of having homeworks or assignements because it gives opportunity for the student to apply their learning. Consequently, teachers must also know when to give a specific assignment, quantity of it, and the time allotted for it. Teachers must also consider that there are other subjects/classes that the students attend to, thus, require student's to make homeworks as well.  (Mar 2, 2009 | post #15)