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Mar 12, 2008

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Hartford Courant

House OKs Increase In Minimum Wage

Psst. Hey Legislators, in case you didn't know, we are in a "recession ", and raising the minimum wage is like putting gasoline on the raging fires of inflation  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #9)

Hartford Courant

State Surplus Evaporates

This is so true, I've heard that some places in Europe won't even exchange your dollars for euros, it's a god damn shame what these elected officials have done to this country and I'm talking about all of them.  (Apr 23, 2008 | post #51)

Hartford Courant

CEO George David Will Pass Top UTC Job To Successor -- La...

You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, didn't any one teach you that, "cover" being the operative word  (Apr 10, 2008 | post #81)

Hartford Courant

Future Convicted Politicians Will Lose Pension -- Employe...

It just makes me wanna holler the way they shove the cost of this crook's pension, together with cost of living increases and the like, down our throats, what a travesty of just doing the right thing, this is one awful State we live in..Corrupticut  (Apr 10, 2008 | post #12)

Hartford Courant

Second Teen Arrested In Connection With Robbery -- Police

You're right, when you can be a gang banger like fitty cents, get shot nine times or whatever and live in a Castle, or be a Mid to High level drug dealer like JZ and marry the likes of Beyoncee, what's the reward for these kids for doing what is right, it seems that more of the rewards go towards those having "No Conscious" as you stated so eloquently  (Apr 8, 2008 | post #11)

Hartford Courant

Armed Robbery Reported At Newington Radio Shack -- Police...

I agree, Jimmy is part of the problem and surely not the solution, constantly hiding behind "coded" passages, like "Hip Hop", "Cheap Rates", what an A  (Apr 7, 2008 | post #5)

Hartford Courant

Suspect Sought In Murder Of Manchester Teen -- Juvenile D...

Sounds a bit Hitlerian, yeh lets look for a scape goat to blame all the ills of today's culture on, it won't be easy to hide, like the jews did in the twentieth century, if you're black your gonna get genocide, pretty scary,but thats where were are heading today in the ol' USA  (Apr 2, 2008 | post #26)

Hartford Courant

Hartford's Joe Black's Closes -- Economy, Business and Fi...

Did you have any problems with "Hartford " when you visited there often?, I think not, because you were in the "Green Zone", the only part of Hartford that has rigorous police presence. It was a fine establishment only ruined by the likes of you and your skewed perceptions fostered by this Newspaper "The Hartford Courant  (Apr 2, 2008 | post #63)

Hartford Courant

State Blasts Broadwater Ruling

Follow the money, Governor Spitzer was suppose to either ok or deny this months ago, do you all suffer from A.D.D.(attention deficit disorder), the Gov of New York was too busy with other things,I care not to mention. The former Mayor of N.Y.C. Mr. Rudi Juliani, stands to gain a very LUCRATIVE SECURITY CONTRACT if this approved,FERC is tied up in this some how, hey maybe "Kriten" was the "grease" for the governor's palms, it all stinks to me.  (Mar 21, 2008 | post #10)

Hartford Courant

Rowland's New Role At Issue

They are still in jail what's your point, why would anyone speculate, especially on Newtown's treatment, after serving time, Brad  (Mar 20, 2008 | post #169)

Hartford Courant

Woman Killed After Being Hit By Car On Route 5

You can thank the tree hugging, swamp loving environmentalists for the stoppage of the much needed by-pass  (Mar 20, 2008 | post #23)

Hartford Courant

CVS Caremark Settling Medicaid Case

I guess no one cares about Corporate America ripping off the Tax Payers Medicaid System and adding to the woes of our delapidared health care system, Mr. Nader, where are you? I suppose you predicted that the democratic race would be destroyed by the ever polarizing discussion of race and its right in our face that its Corporate America encouraging this dvisiveness so they can continue to rip us all off, what idiots we are," The Whole World is Laughing"  (Mar 19, 2008 | post #1)

Hartford Courant

Incident At New Britain School

or maybe a surveyor's rod, usually carried by the lowest man on the totem pole or a minority of some sort, a nosey paranoid neighbor saw him/her carry it inside the construction trailer and viola,"Lock the schools down  (Mar 13, 2008 | post #37)