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Jan 24, 2013

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. Halong Bay Best Cruises provides a way for travelers to experience the true wonder of Vietnam and its natural heritage site which is recognized by UNESCO. By utilizing Best Service Group's services, the company hopes to further extend their company's reach into the Vietnam cruise business while still offering the best prices and accommodations. The company's growth has been a result of the tourism popularity of Vietnam. A company spokesperson stated, "There are approximately 3,000 islets that rise out of the waters in Halong Bay. The rolling waters, the serene views and the friendly people complete every trip. Everyday, small and large boats alike set sail in the waters of Halong Bay. Over 500 licensed boats are in the water at any given time with 300 of them sailing each day." Choosing exactly the right type of cruise can be hard. While there are many that travel through Vietnam, Halong Cruises offers much more than the standard service does. While price should not be the determining factor of a tour, the company has established many connections that allow them to offer the best prices in the industry. However, there are always better prices to be had in the low seasons that extend from May to September. Halong Cruises has revolutionized the tourism industry. When guests want an exquisite experience, they can rest assured that they will experience Vietnam's deepest treasures. "With many cruises, people cannot change their itinerary and do not get the amenities that are offered with higher end cruise providers. However, customer satisfaction is the number one priority of the company. Travelers can experience the cruise exactly the way they want to without settling for less than the absolute best. However, don't take the word of the company, explore the options and discover why so many people trust them with their vacations," stated a company representative. By letting their clients choose the best excursions for themselves, it is much simpler to become immersed in the culture. For more information about Cruise Halong Bay, or to book a cruise, please visit Halong Best Cruises! HA LONG BAY BEST CRUISES OFFICE Add: 44b Hang Giay Str -Hà Nôi Tel: 04.39998282-Hotlin e 01277996566 Fax:04.38282404 Email:[email protected] ngbaybestcruises.n et Website: www.halongbaybestc  (Jan 24, 2013 | post #6)