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May 6, 2011

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At Hone after Work One Day

I had no passion towards my job at all after I heard the earthshaking news of asking me to be the new comer’s assistant. I thought it was a typical example of using a talented person in an insignificant position, after I was an undergraduate student and had done editing job for two years in the company. I rode my bike electric bike and went home gloomily that afternoon. I was really not convinced when the general manager announced the news and had never expected that kind of result. I did not want to do anything when I got home and was terribly upset. I walked back and forth in the house until my boyfriend went home from his himax brushless motors factory. I planed to tell him the bad news, but I saw he pulled a long face and was neither happy the moment he entered the house, so I said nothing and began to cook. I asked him to ride the motorized bicycle and go to buy a bag of salt downstairs when I was cooking; he followed my words and still said nothing.  (May 31, 2011 | post #1)

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My Son’s Birthday

I began being busy with cooking after I came back from the vegetables market on my lovely son’s five years old birthday, while he was doing his home work in his bedroom and my best friend Vera was chatting with her customers, who wanted to buy brushless dc electric motors online. She had opened online store for several years and the business was not too bad. She lived with me since my son was one year old and it was her who had helped us a lot after that. When the food was ready, there was somebody knocked at the door. I went to open the door. It was a delivery person who rode an electric e bike and sent my son’s birthday cake to our house. After that person left, we began our dinner. We finished eating after a while and began to lit the candles and asked my son to make a wish. He told us that he would never go with his father, who was the boss of a bicycle electric motors factory and live with me forever. My eyes were filled with tears after I heard those words.  (May 31, 2011 | post #1)

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My Best Male Friend

After my son got to bed, my best friend Vera and I sat in the balcony and drank beer. She asked me whether I hated my son’s father. It was definitely that I hated him, because he had injured me so deeply and I swore that I would live on. The doorbell rang soon after. It was my best male friend, who had several himax brushless motors factory in the city. He liked my son and went to celebrate his birthday after an important meeting, but my son had gone to bed. I had always been considered him as my best friend and had no other thought. He said he had not had supper. I rode my electric bike and went to buy noodles in the supermarket downstairs. After I returned home, I cooked a bowl of egg noodles for him. When he was eating, he proposed to treat me and my son to eat in the restaurant the next day. I said I was going to do part time in a motorized bicycles shop and had no time. He was unhappy when he heard about it, saying that it was unnecessary for me to work so hard.  (May 31, 2011 | post #1)

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After My Husband’s Disappearance

After I stopped crying, I told my friend everything. She said that I should not have gotten angry with him when he was going to have a meeting with bldc motor manufacturers in the morning. I should get up early and cooked breakfast for him. I knew it was my fault and I had very regretted about it. I was willing to beg for his forgiveness as long as he came back to me. I confessed that I was in bad mood after I was demoted in the company and I only scolded him a few. He was too petty. I went on my power e bike and went home after a while. My husband’s telephone was forever powered off and he did not reply my short messages at all. I waited and waited and then he had disappeared into the thin air from that day on. I had never expected that was our end. I lived alone and never heard of his news afterwards. I still rode the motorized bicycle to work every day since them. If he still stayed in the city, I wished I could see him one day and apologize to him, saying that I was wrong.  (May 31, 2011 | post #1)

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Several DC motor power drive chips and their applications

SA60 and LMD18245 are the United States launched Apex Inc. and NS-oriented small and medium-power DC brush motor full-bridge output circuit. They not only have a few external components in the case of the motor power driver, control and protection features such as common, but also have its own characteristics. SA60 is a PWM-type power output chips, power voltage circuit supply for the motor can be up to 80V, The maximum analog input voltage is 5V, PWM carrier frequency can go to 250kHz, the chip can also be connected with an external TTL compatible PWM type signal to synchronize the four-quadrant model in magnitude and direction. SA60 is mainly used in small DC motor, D class power amplifier, bearing incentives and other occasions. LMD18245 chip provide maximum 55V supply voltage for the motor driver, voltage of 12V, maximum sustained output current 3A, peak current up to 6A.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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Sensorless brushless motor design

Sensorless brushless motor with simple structure e, reliable operation, easy maintenance and other a series of advantages, it has been widely used in industrial motor controls fields. Brushless DC motor and motor controllers have been the research focus of motor development. Brushless DC motor has small size and high efficiency. It has AC motor’s simple structure, reliable, easy maintenance advantages, but also equipped with has good speed like DC motor. is now widely used in industrial control fields. The control system designed to SP430F201 2 Microcontroller and TB6588FG integrated drive as the core hardware platform, the speed of the microprocessor acquisition TB6588FG feedback pulse, the use of digital potentiometers to adjust voltage for closed loop speed control.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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How to operate ac motor

There are AC motor and DC brush motor drag in the electric drive program, for long time, because DC motor has a good starting performance, and it can smooth over a wide range of speed and cost, starting, braking and reversing, etc., so it is widely used in starting and speed requirements of high production machinery. DC Drive – straightly in dominate position in the field of variable speed drives. during the Target vehicle design, According to "not only to optimize, but also inherit the" principle, follows the set of mature programs, the use of imported high-performance gasoline generators and electric motors for the car body control system provides power, the voltage is 220VAC; using DC motors to provide power for the target vehicle ; using reversing contactors, DC converter DC motor speed adjustment means to achieve the electric drive problem.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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How to make shooting Training more safty

In order to meet the needs of the shooting Training&#6529 2;china and foreign countries have developed several remote target vehicle. In recent years, meet the training requirements for military modernization, there have been some shooting range equipment, drag the target frame by the winch on the track or track-type running gear reciprocating movement target vehicle, But this target vehicle take DC motor or AC motor as power source, which need track and power lines, more facilities and complex maintenance, it is easy out of control in the dusty field. This design uses DC motor driver power control target vehicle, the structure is simple and it is easy to use, Target vehicle speed is adjustable, it does not need to control, so as to solve the long-troubled troops firing training of personnel security. From the economic analysis, the Department does not require the construction of hidden and do not need to set up power lines.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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How can we improve the efficiency of energy?

DC motor position servo system is the key components of a natural gas engine electronic motor controls system. this paper adopt the Freescale company's MC9S12 MCU, combined with the motor armature current position feedback and testing, developed the digital PWM servo motor drivers. The driver takes full advantage of the embedded microcontroller resources to achieve the position, velocity and current three-loop control strategy. As China increasingly serious problem of energy shortage, in the practice improve the production of energy efficiency is the trend. However, most oil fields in western China is still exist a large number of associated gas venting phenomenon. Associated natural gas this can be treated by simple separation of direct-drive high-power gas engine, generator and drive into the power grid, thereby enhancing the comprehensive utilization of energy.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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DSP’s application in brushless motor

TI introduced the 240XDSP as a brushless DC motor digital control core, consisting of servo system requires very little system components. TMS320F240X is high-performance 16-bit digital signal processor (DSP) U.S.TI launched, which is designed for digital motors controls, The DSP includes a fixed-point DSP core and a series of micro-controller peripheral circuits, to put digital signal processing and computing capability for efficient control of the motor in one, it can replace analog devices in software to easily modify the control strategy revision control parameters, both for fault detection, self diagnostic and communication host computer functions. TMS320LF2407A kernel is TMS320C2XX, the internal use motor controller, under the 20MHz clock frequency, the instruction cycle is only 50ns, and most of all instructions can be completed in one instruction cycle.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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Adage encoder’s application in the field of servo motor

Accurately and reliably detect the signal and control system to issue precise running is good guarantee of servo system. Photoelectric encoder with high precision, wide speed, strong resolution ability and other advantages, it is widely used for high speed, wide speed range speed control system and servo motor systems. AVAGO AEDB-9340 encoder series and the AEAT-9000 series can improve the positioning accuracy of the servo system to improve the dynamic performance of servo motor system. AVAGO industry-leading six-channel commutation optical encoder AEDB-9340 series is designed for brushless DC motor (BLDC) to provides a feedback mechanism for closed-loop control. The integrated optical encoder channels A, B and I for position feedback, and use the Channel U, V and W rotor position detection, high torque to start servo motor.  (May 30, 2011 | post #1)

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My Life Since I Knew Him

I went to eat in the school canteen every day since I knew him. I was born in a rich family and could not understand poor people’s life, so I wanted to know more about the poor people through communicating with him. He told me that he had adopted a habit of living a thrifty life since he was a child, because it was difficult for his mother to make money and bring him up. He could buy a small dc motor electric car finally after three months’ doing part-time jobs. He went to the canteen late and ate the free soup every day, only to save a little money. He worked as a tutor in several families after school every day and in order to be convenient to go to his students’ families, he bought the brushless dc motor electric car. He also told me that he hoped he could gain the scholarships and so that he and his mother would not have to be worried about his tuitions. We would ride our electric bikes and went to the river bank after we finished eating in the canteen. We talked there for a while and then went to the library.  (May 29, 2011 | post #1)

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The Invitation

After he became my boyfriend, all students knowing us in our school would cast their strange eyes on us when they saw us riding the brushless motor electric going and coming. They were puzzled and nodded their heads, saying that love could numb a person. I was the school flower and could find a better boy than him. I smiled and told them that they could never understand it until they also fell in love with a person. I liked the feeling of sitting behind him on his gas powered bicycle and that kind of feeling was very happy. I thought love was simpler than we imagined. He invited me to his hometown that winter vacation and I promised without hesitation. I rode my dc motor 24v electric car and went to my best friend’s hotel. I told her the good news and wanted to ask her to help me keeping the secret, because I did not want my parents to know the fact. I knew that my parents would not agree with me going to the countryside, so I could not tell them about the truth.  (May 29, 2011 | post #1)

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My Feeling after I Came Back from the Boulevard

After coming back from the boulevard that afternoon, I confirmed that I had fallen in love with him deeply. I told it to my dorm mates and they should do not believe. I believed my intuition and determined that was love. I told him several days later that I would ride my power e bike and went to the canteen and waited for him there and then ate and went to the library together, but he said that he had no time and would not come to the appointment. I was disappointed and nearly went crazy. I pulled a long face and went to my dorm on the motorized bicycle unpleasantly. My dorm mates saw my unhappy expression and asked me what the matter was. I told them and they thought that there was something wrong with my mind, saying that I should have had fallen in love with a poor boy. One of them even touched my forehead. I went out and went on the dc brushless servo motor electric car again. I was serious and very sober at that moment. I went to the river bank and stood there for a long time.  (May 29, 2011 | post #1)

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Following behind Him One Morning

I was refused by him every time when I invited him to play with me. He said that he was very busy and had no time. I felt that he avoided me deliberately. I knew he did several part-time jobs, but he could not go so far that he could spare a little time. I could not understand and asked his classmates one day. They told me that he got up at three A.M every morning and then went out on his old electric tricycle. They did not know where he went. I was very curious and could not help tracking him the next morning. I really wanted to everything about his life and why he had hided so completely. I went on my e electric bike and followed him the next morning. I got a shock when he arrived at the destination. He should have had gone to the vegetables market and carried the heavy bags onto the electric trike and then sent them to several supermarkets. I was in tears when I saw the scene. I stopped my ac brushless motor electric car and walked towards him. I did not want him to be that tired.  (May 29, 2011 | post #1)