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May 16, 2008

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Soldiers stationed at Camp Speicher not allowed to call o...

Hi everyone. Its been a while since I posted. Im working 2 jobs now to keep my mind off things. I was wondering how often everyone is hearing from thier loved ones over there. I got a email 2 weeks back from him say they were moving them around a lot so checking emails wasnt possible. What does that mean? Moving them around? BTW He is SFC Wall. But hes very possibly a actting E8. So if someones loved one sees him, Tell him to email home before I have to go over there. (lil joke between us) He left at the end of Feb and isnt due back til May 09. Anyone have an idea when he might take his leave? Oh yea, I had sent him a care package with lots of food. The canned seafood didnt work very well over there in the heat. And I quote," Honey, the sardines was a good idea but they dont do very well in 170 heat. Worse then any stink bomb." LOL opps. Just a heads up. Thanks in advance. D  (Jul 30, 2008 | post #236)

3 U.S. Troops Dead In Northern Iraq Blast

Marat, Those men and women you are bad mouthing are just doing thier jobs. They are ordered to be over there. But you wouldnt know that. UK is very good at running and hiding all the while screaming for USAs help but the first to start talking trash about us when we go into help someone else screaming for help. If you dont like it, talk your your higher ups and tell them to leave us the hell alone next time you bottom feeders need our help, k? Just a thought.  (Jul 19, 2008 | post #9)

320th speicher "tikrit"

Trust me, I know the feeling. I feel like everything around me is going on and Im just going through the motions. Im missing a huge peice of myself. I think we all are. Hence my name "Half here" If you need to talk to someone who know the things oyu are going through, feel free to contact me itsmedenee@gmail.c om  (Jul 1, 2008 | post #5)

3 U.S. Troops Dead In Northern Iraq Blast

Marat, You fail to see something like most ppl who talk out thier ass about the war and the soldiers in it. The soldiers are over there doing thier job....what they were ordered to do. They didnt start it, but they are paying the price for it. Take your trash somewhere else.  (Jul 1, 2008 | post #6)

Soldiers stationed at Camp Speicher not allowed to call o...

My heart and prayers to the family of those soldiers killed yesterday and today. I think I can safetly say, we are all waiting for a call or email from our loved ones right now. Im a basket case. Much love to all of you D  (Jul 1, 2008 | post #211)

Soldiers stationed at Camp Speicher not allowed to call o...

Hi everyone. I sent 2 packages off today. One had a chest board that stored the chest peices but look like lil Asian men instead of reg chest peices. In the other one I bought some canned smoked oysters and sardines (he loves seafood and thats the best I can do for now). I sent him hot sauce to with them (in a baggie in case it breaks), trail mix (the kind with M&Ms and salty nuts) and a kind with dried fruit. And some of the flavored drink mix you jsut add to water. I found some white socks that are suppose to draw the sweat away from the feet and have really thick soles, and a air fresher in case the socks dont work. And some reg ol' black socks and underwear. I sent more stuff...but my mind just when completely blank. lol All wrapped up tight in a thick blanket to make his cot a lil softer. I know everyone is trying to find why to support thier soldiers but I have a question about you ladies ,yourselves. I know its harder on them over there then us, but ..... Has any of you found yourselves angry at your soldier? I think thats more towards the wives and girlfriend. I dont know if the mothers would go through that or not. I have found I was getting angry with him. Not that hes done anything. I just stopped hearing from him. He was the one I talked to about everything because I have noone here with me to help me through this. For the life of me, I culdnt figure out why I was getting so angry. A freind of mine said that its easier to be mad at him then to hurt because hes not here. I think she might be right. What do you think? And this is why I think there should be a support group for g/fs. Anyways, thanks!  (Jun 23, 2008 | post #193)

Soldiers stationed at Camp Speicher not allowed to call o...

Yes plz. I would really like to check them out. Thanks  (Jun 22, 2008 | post #182)

Dying to be a U.S. citizen

It shouldnt matter where his father is at? That young man was over in Iraq without him. He was trying to become a US citizen without him. What does the location of his father have to do with him dying in Iraq trying to get his green card? Nothing. Stick to the story at hand. My heart goes out to the family. My bf is currently in Iraq and I work on base. I see US soldiers that arent citizens everyday. I think that if they can fight for me, they have the right to be a citizen. Too man young ppl have died over there and are buried here, stateside, that arent US citizens. They become one after the fact. A lil late for that, I think.  (Jun 18, 2008 | post #5)

Soldiers stationed at Camp Speicher not allowed to call o...

I know I just posted but I need to say this. As I said above I work on base. My boss tried to get me into the support group for families of deployed soldiers. I cant get in.....Im not his "wife". I am going through the same things a wife would, but I dont have the resources she would. So, its seems to be a lil harder for me. Why isnt there a support group for girl friends? We love each other very much and live together. I lost my last hubby and am not in a hurry to marry again, even tho he asked me. As his "other half" I am going through the same thoughts and emotions as a wife would. I dont think its right that only a legal wife can be in a group of other legal wives to see that what she is thinking and going through is normal or to talk to other ppl going through the same things shes going through. I acutally had my bfs CO tell me, you arent married to him, therefore we arent obligated to help you. Nice......... I have no one to talk to so I keep it all pent up and its starting to take its toll. Can anyone direct me to a support group within the Army that can help me? He is a SFC and we live in Lawton/Fort Sill, Ok. Thanks in advance.  (Jun 18, 2008 | post #175)