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Mar 20, 2011

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Artemus, KY

Fraud Charges Getting No Where

I have been trying to get a police report on the person that wrote withdrawl slips on my bank accounts at Fortch Bank since March 16. The officer is not available or hasnt finished his investigation. Michelle Ledbetter, AKA Mahan AKA Mayhan told the tellers her husband was ill and needed a liver transplant and was given access to my accounts. She was put in jail for an existing warrant during this time and the county police told me to see if the officer would expidite my warrant so that they would keep her to address my issues. But that didnt happen. The bank wont put the money back until they get a police report. A teller was able to identify her. She can be very convincing. My husband is very ill, and does need a liver transplant. She played on everyones sympathy. When we first met her she had a job and said she just wanted a normal life. We were fools for trying to help her. The purpose of this text is to let people know to be careful of this one. She has one thing on her mind and its how to take advantage of people for one and only true love...pills  (Mar 27, 2011 | post #1)