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May 19, 2009

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BMW 3 Series

Servicing costs and no dipstick - wtf?

Absolutely gobsmacked. I proudly picked up my brand spanking new 3 series convertible in Nov. (Poor choice of Season - but there you go). The car is stunning and wonderful to drive if not too practical for myself, wife and 2 teenage kids (but again my fault - mid-life crisis - I wanted a convertible and they don't come much more stylish in my price bracket). Warning light came on last month - tried to interrogate the computer - no joy. Got home and as I pressed the start/stop an icon indicating oil level came on. Checked under the bonnet and the owner's manual - no joy - found out thanks to google that the 3 series lost it's dipstick from 2006 -strange - take it to the dealers then. "Ok it needs a litre of oil" they duly filled said litre and charged me €23 for the privilege!!! There had been an issue with the read ashtray - we don't smoke or use it - it had come off it's rails. The dealer said "Ok bring it in on 19 May and we will fix it - under warranty". My dear wife went to pick it up today and was served a bill of €298 to realign a fookin ashtray. 3rd BMW after a 3 and 5 touring - it will be my last - beautiful vehicles - ridiculous service charges. Oh and did they think it was unusual that a 5 month old car had splurged a litre of oil? Well if they did they kept it to themselves - BMW stands for Bluff Motoring Workmanship.  (May 19, 2009 | post #1)